Monday, July 9, 2007

More random this and that

As I sit and watch it snow outside my window in Buenos Aires (and no, I'm neither being ironic nor facetious), here's a couple more random web links.

Vic, of ask Vic fame, is up to his usually moronics (if that's not a word, they should make it one, just for Vic). In today's column, he fails to see the subtle differences between the Cover 2 and Tampa 2 (the MLB drops deeper into coverage in the Tampa 2), and then proceeds to denigrate the Colts ring of honor.

Seriously, Vic? You work for the Jaguars and you rip the COLTS ring of honor? He laughs that Jim Harbaugh only played 4 years with the Colts totally discounting the dramatic change he brought to Colts football during that time. Who's in the Jaguars ring of honor? Oh wait, THEY DON'T HAVE ONE! Vic and his reader want to wait until there are truly worthy Jaguars before the induct someone. Well, Vikki, IT'S GOING TO BE A LONG FREAKING WAIT. I'd say it would be a cold day in hell, but the snow outside is scaring me off that position.

Vic also reviews the Jags road games. He lists the December game as the #1 road game of the year and talks about how it might be a set up for the division title. Oooooooor, the Colts will have a 3 game lead and the Jags will be scrambling for the last wild card spot, and wondering why they underachieve so much. Jack Del Rio will just stare off into the distance blankly while he tries to figure out new ways to undermine his team leader.

In more ESPN list making news, Merril Hodge ranked Freeney and Manning the 3rd and 4th best 'playmakers' in the NFL. I hate terms like that. I get what it means, but do we really just have to turn everything into a cliche? Can't Freeney just be a great pass rusher? Can't Manning just be the best QB in the league? Do we really have to label the playmakers.

Tomorrow on We get into a snit because Reggie Wayne wasn't listed on the list of playmakers. SERIOUSLY MAN! All he does is make plays! He's a playmaker! Like Michael Irvin. Only not on drugs.

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