Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Let's catch up with the thoughts and opinions of Colts nation:

Talking about the ESPY's BlueG said:
a little late on this comment -- but what about Marvin's TD catch vs the Pats for an ESPY? Best play? I mean, come on! That was phenomenal focus and control.

Hey, thanks for bringing that play up. Truth is, it had slipped my mind. I record all Colts game to my hard drive for editing and analysis. The week before that game, roofers had poured hot tar over my directv cable and I recorded 3 hours of black screen without knowing it. I only got to see that game once (when it was live), and had managed to forget that catch, but crap, it was amazing. I think 4 of the 5 ESPY nominations in that category were legit (Chavez's catch was the greatest I've ever seen), but a motor cycle jump? Really? That's just lousy X-game cross promotion. Blech.

coltsfanawalt worried about the Colts really getting the deal done with Freeney
Please tell me there is no other possibility. I've been under the impression that it was just a matter of time, but we were definitely signing him long term. Polian wouldn't mess this up, would he?

As I responded at the time, I really do think it will happen. We'll find out soon, but remember, Polian is old school and might just play hard ball. Nothing would surprise me. Should the team shaft Freeney, I will go on record as calling it a MAJOR mistake. I think letting all the other free agents walk was brilliant, but this team needs Freeney on the field and in the locker room.

He also chipped in with this gem about the Einstein who didn't like our ESPYs take:
This comment was about as intelligible as a Bill Belichick interview. Perhaps it was the madman himself. Regardless, it's not a flattering representation of a Pats fan, is it?

Very strong man. Geeze, how classic was that 'interview' he gave after the AFC Championship? He mumbled about 12 incoherent words. He reminds me of Moe from the Simpson's just a bit. Must be his face or his voice or something. Brady can be Homer. Viniteri is Barney, who used to be a disciple of Moe's before cleaning up his act and getting straight. (although in subsequent seasons I think Barney became a drunk again, so I don't know what exactly that means.


Anonymous said...

Who really cares about the Colts. They were lucky last year and the Pats are ready to "smoke em" this year.

By the way move over 88, here comes Calvin Johnson in his Honolulu Blue.

Go Lions!!!

Anonymous said...
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Deshawn Zombie said...

Man, that's real humor.

coltsfanawalt said...

Are my eyes deceiving me? A Lions fan bashing the Colts on any level?

Here's to your umpteenth first round WR. It'll work out one of these days, just keep it up. Who knows, given time he just might evolve into a Charles Rogers or even a Mike Williams.

coltsfanawalt said...

My regards to Mr. Millen.