Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Movie review

I saw Transformers last night, but I think the movie could really have been improved if they had thought to add a talking CGI robot or two.


Anonymous said...

I thought the first 45 minutes were excellent. There was a storyline, conflict, character development, excellent special effects that looked very believable(other than the female lead's body), and the director had clearly taken the pains to ensure that this wasn't a movie just for kids.

Unfortunately, around the 45 minute mark you could almost hear the director say, "F*ck this! It's too hard!" From that point on, the dialogue (beginning with the transformers trampling the mom's garden) became painful, the story was completely derailed, several other characters became immediately unimportant, and they crammed enough action for three Rambo movies into the last half. I had a hard time remaining interested from that point on, although the pitiful scene of Bumblebee suffering which I guess was supposed to be the teary-eyed moment did make me laugh.


Deshawn Zombie said...

HA! Extremely accurate