Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Best WRs in the league

While ESPN's rankings of running back corps didn't treat the Colts kindly (mid 20s due to the lack of depth), they did rate the Horse as #1 at the wideout position. This really isn't debatable at all. If you can come up with any group close to Harrison, Wayne, and Gonzalez, you're welcome to it. I'll take those three over any team's best. I will admit that Arizona's top 2 are pretty impressive though. Is there any reason that team should continue to suck? But at the same time, is there any doubt that they will?

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coltsfanawalt said...

Should we start to worry about Harrison's age? I'm not trying to blaspheme, Harrison is doubtless one of the greatest receivers ever, and the Manning/Harrison combo is the greatest QB/WR duo of all time. When does Harrison start to slow more? Will Reggie Wayne begin to draw the opposing #1 CB, or the double team more frequently? Can he thrive in the clear top role as well as he has in the second spot? Will Anthony Gonzalez be able to ultimately fill the role of starting WR(1 or 2)?

Will it really matter as long as #18 is throwing the ball and is younger than fifty-five? Will Harrison be able to be as effective a possession receiver as he has been both that and a deep threat thus far? Who will be our home run guy, and how soon does he have to emerge as that?

I always want to stay positive about our Colts, and again I find that simple with Mr. Manning under center. Still, it's nice to hear someone else reaffirm that...