Friday, July 6, 2007

Picking up loose ends...

Before I post about the CBS guys rankings of the top five at each position, let's catch up on some random links from around the web today.

First off I picked up this link from USA today through the Footballoutsiders...

This article pertains to who makes the most money in the NFL (this year). Remember, they way bonuses work, these numbers are slightly skewed. That is to say, Peyton already got paid a chunk of money for his play this season. Not all of that counts. Note that Reggie Wayne is the 10th best paid player in the league this year. The Colts had the highest total payroll in the league last year. Money well spent (Cory Simon excepted). The top four highest paid Colts were Wayne, Harrison, Simon and Manning.

Oh yeah, Tom Brady is 6th overall, while Manning is in the 30s. Use that little stat to tell Pat fans to suck it when they bring up salary cap crap in relation to the Manning/Brady debate. Pat fans claimed Brady was so altruistic by signing a team friendly contract, while Manning was a dog for signing a huge one. Unfortunately, their facts are wrong. Here's a year by year comparison of their cap numbers in millions of $ since both signed their big contract extensions after the 2003 season (rounded slightly for my ease):
2004 2005 2006
Manning 8.3 8.4 10.5
Brady 5 8.4 13.8
These numbers were obtained following links from the above article.

Next on the web, a hilarious question from a Jags fan about whether or not the Jags are cursed because they whipped up on Dan Marino in their last game...No buddy, your team sucks because of lousy ownership and and awesome duo that happens to reside in your division.

Also on ESPN's fairly insipid "Who's Now?" showdown, #18 beat some chick in the first round. If you care to follow it and keep Peyton advancing...I guess that's cool. Or something

Matt Mosely's Hashmarks blog listed the Colts as #2 in his preseason powerpoll. No need to guess who he put at #1.

Michael Silver got skewerd for his insane rankings collumn. Today's piece was entirely dedicated to hate mail. Check out this nice comment from an Irsay fan:

Finally, I'll even give a little love to for their kind words about 18 to 88(.com.) Maybe I should link to FreeOscar (.com) too...

Enjoy. More on the CBS stuff to come

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Anonymous said...

Zombie, while your wasting your time looking at salary cap numbers we are gearing up here in Title-Town for another Super Bowl. 4th in 7 years. Brady is worth it. Only 1 loss in the Post season. How's Peyton record, ouch!!!! It sucks, just like Colt's fans do!!!

Should be our 5th in 7 years except the NFL really wanted to make sure Peyton, ( I could never win a a national title in Knoxville) but they won it the year after he left, finally got his ring. The refs even admitted the interefence call was incorrect on Hobbs.

Enough about that, we have moved on, to the tune of 17 straight wins, that Poilan, even with the refs in his back pocket, can't to a damn thing about. They tried to screw the Chargers, but Indy still couldn't get it done!! The Colts are a joke losing at home to a team who was playing without Tomlinson and Gates for most of the game, and Rivers for the 4th quarter. Billy Volek beat them in their last game in the RCA Dome!!!! Now that is something to be proud of!!!
Enjoy that one title the refs gave to Indy on a silver platter. It's all good here in New England where we will continue to win out for our 4th Super Bowl victory. You know, now that the NFL really pissed off Bill, we might just run the table next year too!!! Get ready for the Brian Billick era in Indy, should be a lot of fun. You know what, a boring midwstern cow-town who stole their team in the middle of the night deserves Brian Billick!!! Enjoy the Pacers, ouch!!! How those Celtics doing , just 31-6, not too shabby!! Looking forward to the Trifecta!!! Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics!! Goodnight from Tite-Town!!!!