Friday, July 13, 2007

Reader Response

From my least favorite form of literary criticism to a quippy blog entry title. It'll work.

I wanted to get back to a couple of you on some good points you've made in the comments.
Coltsfanwalt opined about several topics:
1. I agree totally about how great the San Diego game was when Manning broke the TD record. It came in at #3 on our all time best Colts game lists. Best regular season game in the Dome. Ever.

2. He wonders if it's time to worry about #88's age. No. And here's why:
a. Marvin is the best route runner in football. We think of him as a speed guy, but it's the fact that he runs all his routes at the same speed and can come out of his breaks so quick that separates him. I don't know that losing a step would necessarily slow him down production wise.
b. Great WRs can play for a looooong time. Again, this goes back to #a (one of my favorite outlining anomalies). Marvin's role might have to change in coming seasons, but I see no reason he won't produce in some function
c. Tasty Cakes have tremendous regenerative properties
d. The Colts have ensured that even if Marvin does slip, they'll have productive WRs to take his place. Reggie Wayne is a GREAT receiver. We are clearly on the record as supporting Gonzalez as well. I think that the combined force of those two guys will both protect Marvin and extend his shelf life as well as ensure that if something bad does happen, #18 will have someone to throw to
e. Marvin avoids contact. I know people want to call him weak or slam him, but crap, look at the man. He's a rail. I'd rather him avoid a couple of big hits and play for 20 years than take stupid shots and have a short career. In the long run, we'll win more games like that.

3. He also weighs in on my proposal to add monkeys to the preseason:
Ha! Monkeys are a great idea. They could play the fourth quarter, as monkeys are easy to train to perform certain actions, more so than some Purdue linebackers. Actually, the monkeys would be more interesting than the third string-I'm-about-to-be-cut-but-here's-my-chance-to-prove-my-value-against-other-guys-who-are-about-to-be-cut-too.

Well, Walt. I'm not sure I'd go that far for 2 reasons: 1. If we employed all monkeys in the games who would right for and 2. Then we'd just be watching the Cleveland Browns, and I'm already tired of getting ripped off. Good thoughts though.

4. Thanks for your kind words, Walt.

Another fan shows some love for soccer:
I grew up playing soccer, so I wanted to let you know (re: "No one cares but me") you're not alone. I'm w/you. Maybe you could write an entry on the US/Mexico rivalry and the nuances of the recent history there? The tie in to the Colts? I don't know -- maybe the Colts/Pats rivalry. Pretty similar of late, if you think about it. "We" have beaten "them" the past half dozen times or so in each case, right?

Sweet man. We love to hear from soccer fans. I don't know that I can help you with the US/Mexico thing, though. In order my favorite soccer nations are:
1. Argentina
2. (a distant second) Ireland
When it comes to the beautiful game, I bleed blanco y celeste. I actually find the US/Mexico rivalry sort of quaint. Note that Argentina smoked both nations in the Copa America by a combined score of 7-1. Brazil/Argentina...that's your Colts/Pats connection. US/Mexico....that's more of a Falcons vs. Bucs sort of matchup. Division rivals with some real hatred of each other, often there's something on the line when the play, but rarely does it have any real bearing on what happens at the end. I will say the World Cup game in 2002 was sweet though.

Thanks for your comments and encouragements. Keep telling your friends about 18to88

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