Thursday, July 26, 2007

Make Peyton Now I guess

Ok, so the interminable and silly Who's Now? crap continues on ESPN. The top seeds are advancing left and right, which just goes to show how lame the whole thing was. Tiger Woods will win this by a land slide. Almost none of the votes are even close. Shaq, who couldn't be less now, even crushed Tony "I'm a kept man" Parker who couldn't be more now, just because, well SHAQ IS A MILLION TIMES BETTER as an NBA player over the course of his career. Anyway, vote for Peyton over ARod so that he can lose to Tiger in the next round.

Demond Sanders' Comments: Wow. That video was terrible, worse than you would even guess. You know it is bad when the crux of an argument is "It's baseball season now. . . so A-Rod must be more NOW ." ESPN is going the way of MTV (very dumb, little actual content) and has been for a couple years now. I know it is hip to rip the worldwide leader, but come on guys, you should have pulled the plug on this thing immediately.

Deshawn Zombie's Update: Peyton won! Oh joy, oh rapture! He's so now! BAAAAAARF

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