Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hold that nomination

We here at were preparing to induct Tarik Glenn into the Classic Colts once his paperwork is filed with the league. Looks like we have to hold up on that. Man, I wish it was for a different reason, but check out this quote from Bill Polian from Kravitz today:

Colts president Bill Polian was asked if Glenn is a Ring of Famer.
"If I have a vote, he is,'' he said.

Soooo, that means no Classic Colts induction for Glenn. I'm sure he's devastated. We reserve the Classic Colts designation for players that DON'T make the ring of honor. Currently awaiting induction are Marcus Pollard (he has to retire just so we are sure he doesn't become for famous with someone else), Jeff Saturday (I think he might wind up in the ring), and Reggie Wayne (ditto). As of this posting there is still no word on whether we will someday rename it the Demond "Zombie Bob" Sanders memorial Classic Colts. It depends on whether the various hexes against the undead that teams have been employing work. If Bob can just play a couple more seasons with at least 3 of his four limbs intact, we'll make the move. As for the now, the rest of the league should just keep their windows and doors boarded up.

Demond Sanders' Comments: Ding Ding Ding. The same thought ran through my mind regarding Tarik's status as a Classic Colt. All of this begs the question: With Tarik gone can The Zombie play left tackle? Que Lastima, Mario Williams.

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