Monday, July 16, 2007

Getting Messi

Rather than lead off today with yet ANOTHER LIST, I figured I'd recap my bitter-sweet soccer weekend. My beloved boys in blanco y celeste (Yeah, my other team is blue and white, too), took it in the shorts to Brazil 3-0 (Freaking Ayala own goal moron). The Sub-20 team won it's quaterfinal match with Mexico however, and moves on to the semis in the World Cup. So you take the good with the "national embarassement" level bad. To console ourselves, check out this sick goal by rising young star Lionel Messi against Mexico last week. And yes, if you've noticed a trend of Argentina beating Mexico, they get kicked around by Argentina on pretty regular basis.


Igor said...
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Igor said...

Ain't nothing sweeter than a good win over Argentina. Better yet when our team sucks and theirs is as good as it gets. Good try, though! Cheers,