Sunday, July 29, 2007

A little more elbow room on the bandwagon

Bob Kravitz gets on and off so much, he uses a bungee cord for a seat belt. I care what he thinks almost as much as I want draft tips from Jeremy Green. It must be nearly football season because Bob Kravitz has started to fertilize.

He claims the Colts won't repeat because of NE, San Diego, and just flat being tired. For starters, reasons 1 and 3 should offset. If the Colts are tired from playing extra postseason games, I bet an OLD New England team is too. The Colts are so young, only a handfull of guys were even here in 2003. Bob doesn't realize that, because he doesn't do research or think deeply. Nice job, Bob. Obviously this year will be tough simply because the Colts play in the AFC and it is loaded. I'm more worried about the Pittsburghs, Balitmores, and Jacksonvilles of the world. We all know the top three teams are a meat grinder in the AFC, but the real problem is the next tier isn't far behind. Still, I like our chances.

For those that don't believe that Dungy has made a difference, check out the table on Manning before and after Dungy arrived in this article...

I think one of the big factors in this improvement was Tony's demeanor. I remember articles saying that when he arrived he told Peyton he had to cut down on the Ints. I think Tony's low key approach calmed Peyton down a little, and helped him to press less.

Demond Sanders' Comments: Dungy has had a huge impact on Peyton's game for just the reasons you gave. As for Kravitz, that is the latest in a long line of lame columns. Predicting they would win double-digit games, but not win the Super Bowl? Talk about playing it safe. Go out on a limb and pick them to go 9-7 or better yet predict a repeat. Why even bother writing that column?

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