Thursday, July 5, 2007

All time great numbers

Well, it shouldn't be a surprise who we would vote for. SI recently ranked the greatest athletes to wear each number ranging from 1-99 in all sports. At first I didn't have time to review the whole list, but I did check out 18 and 88. Peyton was named the best to wear #18

Marvin came in as the runner up at #88, behind Alan Page. Bummer, but obviously a tough guy to argue with. I also enjoyed Pete Rose at #14

Reggie Miller came in as the runner up at #31 to Greg Maddux. Larry Bird was the runner up to Kareem at 33. Isaiah Thomas was runner up at 11.

As a rule we don't recognize the Baltimore Colts because they don't recognize Indy, but just for kicks we'll mention that Johnny U came in first at 19. Marshal Faulk was #28, but the pic was of him in a Rams jersey, so no link from us.

Johnny Bench was runner up to Joe Dimaggio at #5. Tony Siragusa was the runner up for #98.

And finally, on behalf of my adopted country, I strenuously object to Pele over Maradona at 10.
For those of you who don't know who Maradona is, let's just say (and I'm not joking even a little) that his nickname in Argentina is "Dios".


Igor said...

On behalf of my home country, I would like to say that Pelé won 3 World Cups (out of 4 he played in) with the Brazilian national team and 2 World Championships with his club Santos. Does Maradona measure up to this? Don't think so :-)

Deshawn Zombie said...

Ja ja. Suerte, eh. Gracias por leer.