Friday, July 20, 2007

Peyton is NOW

I think that ESPN's 'Who's Now' is proving to be a major flop. It's not generating buzz or discussion. Basically the higher ranked athlete is winning every time out. Their matchups aren't showing that 'lesser known' niche stars are really more hip than the traditional ones. The only top seed to lose was Roger Federer. If you care at all, vote for Peyton today. Or not. Whatever. Blech.

Also, check out the FO offensive line rankings:

The Colts line is ridiculously low. I'm not sure which stat sank them that far down, but they did admit that the Colts line is notoriously hard to evaluate. I would have liked more explanation about that.

Demond Sanders' comments: That seemed like a fair analysis of the Colts offensive line. That said, no one knows how these guys would look with a different QB under center (and I hope we never do). You can only evaluate what is in front of you, which is years of impressive performances. After THE PITTSBURGH GAME these guys made a commitment to win it all and they dominated when it counted. If they bring that same attitude this year it will be more of the same.

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