Monday, July 30, 2007

Where did they hide that elephant in the room?

Corey Simon is missing.

Seriously, he just didn't show up and won't tell anyone where he is. Hiiii-larious.

Also, vote for Peyton today in the world famous Who's Now? competition. He's going against some golfer, so how hard could it be to win? Do yourself a favor and skip the video in which they actually lower themselves to discuss who's wife is prettier. That's pathetic. I'm not going to link it today; just follow the same one from the post on Friday if you care.

UPDATE: It's official, Tiger Woods is more "Now" than Peyton Manning. It's only fair. The truth is, I cheated. I voted for Peyton on two different computers. I've decided to change my name to Daley and move to Chicago. Woods was going to win this thing from the get go. HE'S TIGER FREAKING WOODS. He's so rich, he can buy and sell almost every person on this list three times over. I smell a fix!

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