Friday, July 6, 2007


CBS just came out with the position rankings headed by Prisco and Judge.
And the verdict is...

They managed to get QB right. That's about it. Here's the link to see Prisco painting Manning as #1

After that they managed to jump both tracks and the shark at the same time.
Prisco had Tarik Glenn as the 5th best LT behind (among others) the now overrated Johnathan (I USED to be dominant Ogden). This was not his most egregious wrong.

He ignored Joe Addai at RB; ok, he's was a rookie last year, but to put FRED TAYLOR on the list? Was he ranking the 5 RBs most likely to get hurt three games in?

He slapped #88 down to 5th in receivers, while elevating Andre Johnson to 2nd. Really? Do you think if you asked 32 GMs to take a WR for this year that many would take Johnson over Harrison? Also, he didn't mention Reggie Wayne at all. Very bizarre.

At TE the insanely hyped Jeremy Shocky made the list at 3, but the man whose playoff dominance carried the Colts to the Super Bowl (Dallas Clark), was ignored.

None of this, NONE OF THIS, however, is as crazy as his complete omission of Jeff Saturday at Center. Horrible. Asleep at the wheel. If there is anyone out there who doesn't think Jeff Saturday is one of the two or three best centers in the game just ask this guy:

Yes, that's right. That block was so freaking good that I just showed you FIVE PICTURES OF IT. As much as we love 18 and 88, we also give love to 63. On the biggest play in franchise history, he threw the biggest block, springing Joe Addai and pancaking Vince Wilfork. Beautiful. By the way, to capture those shots, I watched (again) the last 3 minutes of the game. My favorite moment is still Phil Simms analysis after Addai scores, "whenever the Colts lineup with a running back behind Peyton Manning, you have to be ready for a run." Priceless.

Clark Judge put together the defensive rankings and landed Freeney as the third best DE. No other Colt made the list at any position. This means that Zombie Bob was NOT listed as one of the 5 (or really 6) best safeties. He will get his revenge by eating the brains of Prisco and Judge.

He's informed us that he expects it to be a *very* light snack.

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