Saturday, August 30, 2008

Final Cuts

The Colts made the necessary cuts to arrive at their 53 man roster today. Maybe a couple mild surprises (six receivers), but no big shocks. Looks like Pierre Garcon and Courtney Roby can breathe easy. The same can't be said for the oversized quarterback duo. Lorenzen and Gray have both been cut. Many, myself included, predicted correctly that the team would again go with two quarterbacks. If the big boys are needed at some point this year I'm thinking they'll be available and waiting by the phone.

On a brighter note, I hope this officially puts to rest the Peyton Manning injury drama. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Also of note: Ryan Lilja was placed on the PUP list and won't be available for six weeks. Mike Hart is on the team. I think many of us would love to see a renewed emphasis on the run this year.

DZ Comments: I'm glad they found room for Roby. I was always rooting for him, but I didn't see how he could make it if they kept a 3rd QB. This is great news for the team and officially craps all over Mike Lombardi's retarded report. Remember that the main idea of his report was that the Colts were hiding the severity of Manning's injury and that it was far more severe than they were letting on. He may or may not have been right about a second 'procedure', but that wasn't the real point of his report. The real point was that "there is MUCH more going on here than meets the eye".

No Mike. There wasn't. You were wrong.

In a related story, Mike Florio owes the Indy Star reporting team a serious apology. They didn't make a big deal out of the story because there wasn't anything to make a big deal out of. Manning came back exactly according to plan. Might he get hurt if he gets popped in the knee in the regular season? Sure, but that could happen anyway.


Shake'n'bake said...

Farrell is the one that surprised me the most, I thought he looked pretty good and that they needed him to play the over-tackle behind Ed Johnson.

Who will play the overtackle spot besides Big Ed?

Darrell Reid?

He's the only other DT above 275 (Brock-274, Foster-265, Dawson-254)

John said...

Guys, I hate to be the glass-half-empty guy, but you're really jumping the gun on declaring the story over.

Yes, everything appears to be ok: Manning claims he's good, the team cut the emergency QBs. I personally think we're good.

But that doesn't mean that they were wrong, it just means that the Colts and Manning are acting like they're wrong. We might find out next week that Peyton isn't nearly ready to go, and that everyone involved is just rolling the dice and betting that he is.

Deshawn Zombie said...

That seems ridiculously unlikely. Manning was working out publically in the dome before the last game. He looked great.

If they were really worried about this, they would have kept Lorenzen.

Lombardi's story broke the day AFTER Manning first appeared at Colts practice. The next day he started walk-throughs. The next week he was fully participating. Had Lombardi 'broke' the story that things were bad three weeks earlier, it might have been news. Instead, he published an unconfirmable report to raise alarm about a situation that was already well on its way toward resolution. It was piss poor reporting, and ultimately erroneous in scope and timing. He was vague with his details and wrong about the analysis. I hope he enjoyed the pub it got him.

Big Dave said...

Soooo we have Ugon and Dan Federkeil protecting 18's blindside. Hmmm.

In response to shake'n'bake, they will probably move Dawson over on 3rd downs and only use Ed on 1st and 2nd down. You don't necessarily need a big guy in that situation.

Bob M. said...

Yeah, John, I don't see it your way either. This is a pretty conservative organization and that would be a huge roll of the dice. Unless Hefty ate some important paperwork on Polian's desk and got the axe out of retaliation....

Big Dave said...

This has got to be the best roster we've ever had. Agree?

Demond Sanders said...

I agree. This is a fantastic roster if everyone is healthy, most importantly #93.

As far as Lombardi goes, this looks pretty bad for him and his sources. I guess there was much LESS there than meets the eye.

Bob M. said...

Crap, Jags player critically injured after being shot. I hate seeing this happen, even to the Jags. (an OL I never heard of)