Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do you see what I see?

I watched the first half of the Packers game last night, and my eyes seriously disagreed with what the announcers were telling us on TV. They kept talking about how good Aaron Rodgers looked, but to be honest I didn't see it. I saw a guy who really does have some tough WRs (that pass for a touchdown was one of the best RAC I've seen in a long time). He seemed to throw a beat late and really get his guys killed or passes broken up. He had some solid throws too, but he was going against the Bengals "defense" and still took two sacks and had a pick on the first two drives. I would call his performance positively Sorgi-esque.

At halftime Tom Jackson said his body language looked great. That was probably the oddest statement of all. I thought he looked miserable. He looked like he was about to crap his pants and didn't seem to have any real enthusiasm. Also I had forgotten he was a Jeff Tedford QB. Should he succeed, he'll certainly be bucking a trend. The other Tedford QBs in the NFL: Trent Dilfer, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, and Kyle Boller. Aaron Rodgers was the lowest drafted of all of those (24th pick first round). Yikes. Oh wait, he also coached Billy Volek and AJ Feeley. I take it all back.

I'm not saying he was awful, but I didn't think he was very impressive, and I'm not sure why ESPN lobbied for him so hard. Maybe it's because they have some Packer games on MNF this season (including one to open the year). I still can't see this working out for Green Bay at all.

Hugging Harold Reynolds calls our attention to their postcards from training camp segment. Thanks guys.

Here's a great recap of the Reds horrible history of dealing HR hitters. The link comes via Capt Chris who writes:
I recommend you guys make a run over to redreporter.com. There is a little diary showing the Reds poor performance trading home run hitters, starting with Big Klu and ending with the Big Donkey. Apparently, having a room temperature IQ is a requirement for being the Reds GM.

Do you ever get the feeling that it isn't even that our GM is playing checkers and the rest of them are playing chess…it's that the other GMs are playing chess and ours is playing "guess how many fingers I'm holding up."

And don't get me started on Corey Patterson.

P.s. I don't want to take Bill Polian away from the Colts, nor Chris Polian, but maybe there's another Polian out there that we can put in charge of the Reds? Maybe Bill has a three year old grandkid? Any Polian will do.

Coe is done for the year. That's too bad. It just illustrates how hard it is to have depth in the NFL.


Bob M. said...

I love it when somebody is described as about to crap his pants. Pretty damning. I didn't see the game but you seem to harbor an excessive amount of vitriol for this guy. Yes, the Tedford lineage is not too promising in the NFL and yes, you think Favre would be better this year, and maybe forever, but you sure are mean to poor AR.

So, I guess the perfect storm for you would be Aaron Rodgers to Jacksonville? That would show some consistently poor 1st round QBs to have graced that city over the past decade... Leftwich (who was decent at best) Matt Jones (WR/coke dealer) and AR (failure in waiting).

And regarding Sorgi (maybe you're justified or maybe just on a grumpy streak), a backup QB's contribution, week-in and out, is mainly to run the opponent's offense for the D and take "filler snaps" for the offense. Maybe Sorgi excels at those tasks to such a high degree (our D has looked good the past few years--concidence?) and with Manning's durability, the Colts brass think they have the perfect guy for their needs. Like a lot of our defenders that leave the draft pundits scratching their heads--perfect for our needs. Just a thought.

Of course if you are right, and Sorgi is horrid and Manning DOES go down, that gamble did not pay off. So far, it has....

Deshawn Zombie said...

Rodgers looked scared. He didn't play that bad. He just didn't play that well either...he was Sorgi-esque.

If read closely what I wrote, I didn't really rip Rodgers (or Sorgi), I just don't think Rodgers will be very good. I saw nothing last night to indicate otherwise. Yet for some reason, the press went really easy on him.

I feel bad for the guy. It's not his fault his coach and GM are idiots. I don't think there was any vitriol in this post.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because a guy who's never started an NFL game in his life willl automatically just become super GOD bestest QB ever off of just coming in after four years of sitting on the bench.

And for people who scream THE PRESEASON DOESN'T MATTER you sure put a lot of stock into how a guy looks in a preseason start.

Jeeze, fail less dude. But then I remember you sided with Brett Favre despite him holding the team hostage for the last couple years and quitting on them because the Packers didn't want to waste the efforts to try and lure Moss out of NE. Be consistent with what you say or don't say shit at all.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Pay attention:

All I said was that I didn't think he looked as good as the TV announcers said he did.

I didn't side with Favre. Pay attention. I think he's an ahole. I do believe he's the best chance the Pack had to be competitive this year and to that extent, they should have kept him.

I said his body language looked terrible. It did. I said it looked like he played about as well as Jim Sorgi. He did. That's not a rip. It's just a fact. He didn't look impressive to me. Do you think he did?

My feeling that he will be a disaster as a starter has nothing to do with last night. It has everything to do with 1. the pressure he is under. 2. His terrible pedigree as a Jeff Tedford QB and 3. The simple odds that the vast majority of new QBs suck badly.

This post was designed to comment that the TV crews were far kinder to him than he really deserved, that's all. I didn't say he played poorly, just that he was uneven and looked sick to his stomach.

Read the post next time.

Rob-Westside said...

Off topic but since there isn't a fanpost option I figured I'd put it here.
Does this Fairness Doctrine (if ever passed) mean we'll have to put pro-Patriots and Jags commentary on this blog? I'm moving to Argentina with DZ if this happens.

Deshawn Zombie said...

That article should scare the crap out of all of us. The airways technically belong to government, but the internet does not.

jc said...

I AM the Fairness Doctrine.

Like Warden Leo Glynn said about Adebisi raping Peter Schibetta, [I] have a leveling effect.

And gotta disagree bigtime on Rodgers DZ. He looked pretty confident to me.

Unlike Favre's deer-in-headlights look in front of the NY media.

Shake'n'bake said...

In an effort to relate to your Dunn trade pain I tried to think of a good comparison to a Colts player. So I could think of it was what if the Colts traded away ____ for some mid round draft picks. I think I have a solid one.

Dwight Freeney. A top level player who is phenomenal at one aspect of the game and gets bashed beyond what is appropriate for shortcomings in the other(s).

Deshawn Zombie said...

It's similar to how I felt when the Colts dealt Faulk for what I considered to be a ridiculous price of a 2nd round pick. There is no true analogy in football, because draft picks are so valuable. The crazy thing about this deal is that Jocketty felt that what he was getting from AZ was more valuable than 2 first round picks. I can't imagine his logic.

Bob M. said...

Hey, this site is pretty fair. JC's frequent flyer card is proof of that. If there was a smart Jags fan out there, he/she'd be welcome too. Of course, finding a smart Pats fan is easier--there are millions of their fans, so there must be a few sharp ones floating around, whereas finding the one smart Jags fan out of what, four or five dozen, is darn near impossible.

(ducks head and awaits flying grapefruit chunks)