Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Hall Talk

Here are Tuesday's links:

Peter King is really pushing for the enshrinement of more GMs.

DZ emails me to ask what's up with the Jags not signing their number one pick, yet. You remember Derrick Harvey. . . aka the kid they gave up a boatload of picks for. It's not clear what the sticking point is, but chances are good that it is the upfront money. We blindly speculate that this is a sign the Jags are for sale soon and owner Wayne Weaver doesn’t want to lay out too much of his own cash.

I believe this has been pointed out before, but check out ESPN's franchise players.

Check out this sick Mike Hart video, just because. And this one too. I like how he shifts his weight just slightly to make people miss. He's your number one reason to watch the second half this Saturday night.


Shake'n'bake said...

Awesome find by JakeTheSnake. Actual video of Marvin off the field, and he's talking, about himself. Wow

Bob M. said...

Mike "Who Needs a Helmet" Hart reminds me of Joe Washington. Older fans from the Balto days will understand.

Note to Wayne Weaver: your team is theoretically worth more WITH your top pick signed. Spend a few mill extra today and you can tack it onto the price... that is, IF there are any takers at all. Maybe he figures Peyton is finished with this knee thingee, and so he doesn't need to waste money on pass rushers. Smart guy.

Bob M. said...

I'm shocked--SHOCKED!--that Marv eats food other than Tastykakes. Wendys? That stuff might have actual vitamins and protein!

great find.

Adam said...

Marvin speaks! And he likes Tastykakes!

And is Marvin not married? Why does his mother still pick out his shirts?

He's like... a nerd. A huge nerd, trapped in a #1 WRs body.

Deshawn Zombie said...

A Ninja nerd gangster trapped in a WR body.

jc said...

"They say that you’re only as strong as your weakest link, and last year New England’s weakest link snapped like Joe Theismann’s tibia in the most pressure-packed moments of the season."

Similes like that are what make that site great.

Demond Sanders said...

LOL. I ate at that Wendy's about an hour ago.

56th and Georgetown baby.

zac said...

The Big Lead just predicted a 9-7 finish for the Colts and no playoffs....commence the ridicule.

Here's the reasoning..."The Marvin Harrison cloud, the potential lingering effects of the shocking playoff home loss to San Diego and a beef jerky schedule all could lead to a difficult year for Mr. Dungy."

The Marvin Harrison cloud? What cloud? The lingering effects of a shocking home playoff loss? Yeah, the Colts have never lost a playoff game before, definitely not a shocking loss in 2005. How did we bounce back that time?

I wish people that knew nothing about sports teams would leave the analysis up to people who do.

Deshawn Zombie said...

The Marvin Harrison cloud...I love it.

The only cloud around Marvin is the one he's going to leave Nick Harper in.

Bob M. said...

Marvin's cloud, maybe after eating at Wendy's too often? I know it happens to me... (I'll have a large bowl of your "human finger chili," please.)

It is 100% guaranteed that the Colts will do poorly after a shocking playoff loss--Look, the Jets cleaned our clocks 41-0 in 2002 and in the next two playoff games... hmm, never mind. We did okay and Peyton had one or two perfect games in there.

But then when we were shocked at home by 6th seeded Pittsburgh (egad!) in 2006, look how we crashed and burned the next year in the playoffs.... well, okay, so Peyton didn't have great stitistical games, but, um, wait a minute, something's wrong with that theory. We won the whole shooting match after that.

Maybe we need a new one: the sine-wave theory, or the rollercoaster theory: Indy is shocked in the playoffs and comes back strong the next season. Life is full of ups and downs--it's just that both Colts' ups AND their downs tend to be better than those of about 30 other teams'.

I'll take it.