Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm not going to get into my experience in the bleachers last night. It would just be too easy. I've heard that the Cub fans disdain the bleacher crowd as poser preppies who like the trendy environment. All I will say is, now I see why. I've rarely been around a less engaged, more ignorant group of 'fans' than I encountered last night. Given the fact that there was a no-hitter into the sixth and NO ONE NOTICED, and it was a 2-1 game in which the crowd barely seemed to care, and given the fact that I was in full Reds gear and no one said even one word about it, it seems clear that my long held belief that the vast majority of Cub fans are ridiculous wannabes who know and care nothing about baseball has been confirmed. I will say that my brother-in-law Michael, who is a die-hard Cubs fan, was equally disgusted by the crowd. If you want to go to Wrigley, skip the bleachers. They are over-priced ($50 a ticket for seats that cost you 10 in most parks), and the atmosphere is lousy.
At least the scoreboard is great.

To update a story from yesterday: the video I posted last night. I wasn't sure at the time if it was Manning from yesterday or not, but on second look, you can see him handing off to #38. That means it has to have been taken yesterday, since #38 is Dom Rhodes, and that is his new number. If you didn't watch the video and are still worried about Manning missing game one, give it a look. He'll be fine.


Adam said...

To quote 'Sheed,

"Them some bandwagon ass-cats."

Or is it "Bandwagon-ass cats"? I was never sure. Personally, I like Bandwagon Ass-Cats better.

But yeah, the bleachers are a HUGE waste of money. Get a regular seat.

Rob-Westside said...

Forget the Cubs fans. Most of them are so drunk they don't even know what sport they are watching.

More importantly: Are you guys planning a Star Wars (or other themed) prediction post this year? It was one of the highlights of 2007 and even my Pats friends thought it was hilarious.

Deshawn Zombie said...

2008 Standings will debuet September 1st or 2nd.

It's going to be good (I think).

BD said...

That video... I dunno. They said he was at the "closed-door" walk-through. That is clearly outside. Might be from OTAs.

Bob M. said...

This just in: Gene Upshaw dies one week after cancer diagnosis. We're in for some potentially interesting times between the league and NFLPA. I DO hope the new guy can set up some sort of retirement/medical fund.

BD said...

On second thought, his knee is bandaged. So, it has to be post-surgery. He looks fine to me!

Joshua said...

I was just there for the Cards a few weeks ago, on a Friday afternoon. The place was crazy. It was a gem of a game, 3-2 in 11 innings. Amazing baseball, really good defensive game. Maybe the Bleacher crazies safe their best stuff for the big rivals. Which maybe that proves your point even more. Or maybe the real fans just show up for the best games.