Friday, August 8, 2008

Pardon you speak Hasselhoff?

I've finally managed to find some time to comment on a few things while I'm in Germany. I'll be home tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully I'll be home in time for the game tomorrow night. I might help Demond blog the second half, but I make no promises. I'll be pretty jet lagged.

Here's some random thoughts from the last few days:
Argentina is off to a nice start in the Olympics. FIFA has to do an infinitely better job with their rules and communitcation with the clubs. I'm sorry, but allowing clubs to protest the inclusion of players in the Olympics because 'they weren't on the calendar' is asinine. There were clubs that just forgot the Olympics were this year? I don't buy it at all.

Manning has to be going crazy. It sounds like camp is weird without him.

Germany is crazy expensive to begin with, but the weak dollar isn't helping. I changed a $50 and got 26 and change in Euros back. People need to wake up and realize that the exchange rate is one of the chief causes of high oil prices. Trust me folks, now is NOT the time to go to Europe. If you want to travel internationally, go to Argentina. It's beautiful, cultured, and crazy cheap. It's also now 99% Nazi free!

How is it possible that the Jags haven't signed Harvey? They gave up a king's ransom to get him, and now won't pay him? Insane.

Finding out that Brett Favre will be playing for the NY Jets at 1 am EST while in Germany was a very weird experience. Although even weirder was hearing that JC is a Jets season ticket holder. This entire mess has worked out pretty well for the Colts. As you all know, I'm convinced that Aaron Rodgers will be dog meat (again, not based on anything other than the odds combined with the pressure). That makes the Colts trip to Lambeau that much easier. I don't know that Favre will save the Jets, but at least NE has to work a little.

I like Whitlock's opinion on this. I'm rooting against the Pack all year, not because I like Favre. I just hate stupidity.


Demond Sanders said...

I assumed JC was referring to his Patriots season tickets, specifically the one Jets game a season?

Rob-Westside said...

It's hard to say what JC is ever talking about. Sometimes I wonder if JC isn't really just a Raiders fan masquarading as a Pats fan while the Raiders are in a long period of "suck".

DZ: What's the feeling on the Olympics in "Euroland"? I know my excitement level for the Olympics is at an all time low, and it seems most everyone I know feels the same. I'm usually a huge Olympic junkie but I'm just not feeling it this year. Mostly it's the China thing.

BTW: What is it that you do that keeps you out of the US so much? I travel a lot myself but you out do me by a long way.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I've been in a meeting with people from 17 countries all week, and few of them care very much about the olympics. The Americans probably care as much as anything. The Argentines are into the soccer tournament of course.

Anonymous said...

So you should be cheering against Favre too, because if he hadn't retired, he'd still be the starting QB in Green Bay.


Julio Queiroz said...

Here is a fact: soccer in the Olympics does not matter. That's why the clubs don't send their players. Even the players don't care about it. And I say this as a huge soccer fan.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Argentines care. They won their first gold in 50 years last olympics. I don't know about the rest of the world, but it matters there.

jc said...

Right. Because if I was a Raider fan, clearly the first choice to masquerade as would be a Patriot fan.

That calculates.

Yea Demond. I hand off the big dogs (Indy, Pitt, SD, whoever) - keep the Jets/Fins for me and my boys - and then cop 4 playoff seats at $150 bucks a shot.

I assume that's the same in Indy - pretty sure it's mandated by the league.


What's your interaction been with the 1% of Argentinian Nazi's? Not to extract that lovely topic from your post but that word puts me on edge......

Anonymous said...

Sorry. If I WERE a Raider fan.

English major.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Let me couch everything I say, by first stating my undying love and affection for Argentina.

But yeah, it's crazy anti-semitic. I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with people who STARTED by ripping the Jews. Part of it is because though I'm Irish, my last name sounds like it might be Jewish (it's not). Most of it is just because many many refugees from Germany and Italy fled there after WW2, and poisoned the culture against the Jews. There is a large and influential Jewish community in Buenos Aires, but there are many problems. The Israeli embassy was bombed in the mid-90s.

As for the ticket thing, we do some of the same. Demond often sells all four seats to big games and then buys back a single in a cheaper section (4 tix get you more per ticket than 3, and singles are cheap). If you play it right, you can go to 4-5 games a year for free. It's a tough way to go, but we work for a living. Our $35 tix (11 years ago), now are at nearly $70 face. Our salaries haven't doubled in the last 10 years, so you have to pay somehow.

Shake'n'bake said...

Marvin is cleared to play tomorrow. Yayyy!

Indy Star link

Rob-Westside said...

JC, are you selling your tickets or giving them away for business development? I understand the latter but if you are selling them it hardly seems in line with your "die-hard" passion for the Pats.

Fortunately I sell to Libraries and Librarians who VERY rarely are football fans. So I keep most of tickets except when I travel, in which case I give to my employees as a little bonus. Now since my tickets in the new stadium suck compared to my old seats I might start selling or giving away a few more games. We'll see...

JC said...

Did I say I sell them?

My point was....I keep the two division games and the playoff seats.

A Sunday @ one against Zona ain't all that exciting.

If it's gonna earn me another 5 G's for the month to send an associate and his ugly wife....I'll make that deal 10 outta 10.

You'll notice us at number 4. I would say I took part in the polling data but the last few weeks are a blur.

Bob M. said...

FO finally backs up what we've been saying all along about David Garrard's INT totals from 07 to 08--expect a big jump in INTs. Nifty stats behind it--very general, but pretty damning. We'll see.... I suspect that if he tosses 12-15 INTs this year, they don't win 11. Their D, esp without the top pick, no longer seems capable of carrying the rest of the team on their backs.

Bob M. said...

damn, cut off again...

tha last part of that URL is:


bd said...

A jags fan in one of my fantasy leagues has just released WR Jerry Porter. hehehe.

John said...

bob's url to the Garrard discussion

Bob M. said...

Thanks, John. Is there a simple way to embed an active link or should I just stepo back from the keyboard and let the professionals handle it?

Shake'n'bake said...

it took me a bit to always remember (I kept a link to the instructions on my desktop until I got it down) but inside a set of these things < >
you put

a href="link url"

then whatever text you want the link to read as

then /a inside another set of < >

so replace link url, with

and whatever text you want, with Bob's url to the Garrard discussion

and you get the hyperlink john posted