Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Links: Whitlock Hart the Colts

Big Sexy chimes in with his 10 Truths for this year. He loves Mike Hart (who doesn't at this point), and thinks the Horse will take home the Lombardi trophy (an opinion I obviously share). I think he overstates the decline of the Pats who will be in contention as long as Randy Moss is on the field. Without him, I think they become just another team, but Moss + any vaguely competent QB=record setting potential. He's just that good. If he gets hurt or bored (both are possible), then who knows. He also slams the Jags, which always makes for good reading.

Of course he also picked Ball State to play in a BCS bowl, so who the hell knows what he's been smoking.

Several members of will be signing books in Indy on September 9th. He'll be autogrphing ProFootball Prospectus at the Barnes and Noble at IUPUI. Head on down and pick up a copy.

Jayson Stark throws up an interesting scouting report on Dunner and a damn critique of Dusty. What does it say about the Reds that Dusty is still better than several managers they've had this decade. He may not be any good, but he's no Bob Boone (or Ray Knight). Sigh, I'm seriously about done with baseball. I'm dreading going to Wrigley next week.


Bob M. said...

Love the brain gag.
Who named Whitlock Big Sexy... well, it's half right, anyway.
Loved his Pacman letter to Goodell.

Bob M. said...

One other thing... is anyone else slightly disturbed by the sci-fi ramifications of Santi's knee surgery? "Tom, if you want to stay on the team, you'll have a bursa sac removed tomorrow. Pick a knee. Peyton's got an inflamed one and we need to see how the recovery goes before we take his out, too. So you're the guinea pig.
"Now Tom, there are plenty of parents who have a child with congenital ailments who then decide to have a second kid to donate organs, or stem cells to the older sibling. Look at it this way, you're not losing a useless old bursa sac... you're gaining a paycheck, a SB ring, and the adoration of millions of Colts fans... if they knew exactly what we were up to.
Oh and Peyt and Ashley are thinking of having a kid next year, but are not sure how sleep deprivation will affect his game. So you'll have to get married and have a kid fast, so we can measure your blood count and reaction times 10-20 times a day. Find yourself a nice, fertile girl and settle down."
If it turns out to be true, well, you heard it here first. If it's not true, well, JC told me to say it.

JC said...

Apparently it's still illegal to carry concealed weapons in the city of Providence.

Know this:

A white boy in a fly Perry Ellis suit and a mean pair of Kenneth Cole boots commands a lot of respect in jail, even though they took my cufflinks.

AND...........I got the clerk's phone number on my way out after I posted this morning. She was grillin me from the side bench.


Green Bay 10-6
NYJ 8-8

I think Aaron Rodgers is gonna blow up.

Shake'n'bake said...

Records sound about right

Pre-Favre unretirement I had Packers at 11-5 and Jets at 7-9

Bob M. said...




where is it legal, besides Texas? And I am not kidding... I thought that was the only place you could could carry all day and night, concealed or not, so long as it's licensed. You're smarter than that.

Shake'n'bake said...

Looks like I'm going book quote again. From Tucker Max's "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell"

Me "Is it true that in Texas you can shoot someone if you find them sleeping with your wife?"

Him "No, that's not true. It's a myth."

Me "I don't know Chachi, I think it's true. What about if you come home, and you find a guy on your porch, nosing around, and your wife is inside, and she's naked. Can you shoot him then?"

Him "No."

Me "What about your wife, can you shoot her?" He didn't answer. "What if there's a guy in your yard, and he's naked, and he's looking at you funny. I bet you can shoot him then."

Him "No, you can't."

Me "What if some guy is on your porch, and he's dancing all funny, like a hippie, and your wife thinks he's attractive? Can you shoot either of them? What is the self-defense standard in Texas--'He needed killin'?'"

Him "What? Are you serious?"

Me "I'm just trying to figure out the law here buddy. You never know when you might have to come out blazing."

Shake'n'bake said...

Link to his site. With some of the stories. The one I quoted is Tucker goes to a hockey game, causes trouble. Not at all family friendly but hilarious. I mean really not at all. Not for the easily or really the normally offended, but awesome for the rest.

zac said...


I agree with those records. Who isn't loving the Favre updates explaining how difficult it is for him to pick up the Jets offense?

I think Favre has just as good a chance as rodgers in imploding this season, maybe more so since rodgers will have a significantly better supporting cast.

Favre almost certainly will be fine, though...its just fun to dream.

Anonymous said...

bob m.,

You think Whitlock is sexy?


Anonymous said...



It's still "Tombstone" out there.


Bob M. said...

hey, there's more of Whitlock to love.
Okay, perhaps I was not clear. Big: yes. Sexy: um, I'm a straight guy so it's hard to be precise here but he does not do it for me. Maybe others have differing opinions.

JC, thanks for the tip. (Note to self: double your list of states to avoid.)

Shake, that's some funny stuff. I'll dig in deeper when I have more time.