Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'd tell Kravitz to stick to sports

. . . but he sucks at that too. Bob thought it was a good idea to write a politically-oriented column to kick off his trip to China. It's brilliant. He writes a column talking about how he won't get political over the next two weeks and in the process he let's all of his own political biases shine through.

"We look at the lack of press freedoms in China, the restrictions on child-bearing and the lack of an independent legal system as outrageous examples of an authoritarian government that doesn't cherish the individual.

They look at our lack of universal health care, our soaring unemployment and the lack of a cradle-to-grave government-sponsored safety net as human rights violations."

That comparison is insane, Bob. America has its issues, but let's not start comparing how each country treats its own citizens. China is king of the world when it comes to current human rights violations and you aren't being an "ugly American" if you have the guts to point this out.

I'll take the country where I can determine how many kids I want, criticize my government without fear of spending years in jail without a trial or a getting a bullet in the head, and practice whatever religion I want in whatever manner I choose. I could rip this column all day long and into next week, but the differences between China and the United States should speak for themselves.

Rant over. I'm looking forward to the HOF game tonight at 8 Eastern on NBC. I'm not expecting to see many familar faces getting playing time, but that doesn't matter. Football is back. I should be on here blogging about the game and watching the backup to the backup running back battle. Sexy.


Anonymous said...

Bob is once again proving to me that I have a good reason to ignore his column. Anyone who thinks America is so horrible or worthy to be compared to China needs to get a clue. You said it well that it is nice to live in a place where one has the freedom to find fault with his government and not fear for his life. I love this country. Traveling overseas has only caused me to be more grateful.

I am glad to see Colts football tonight, even if it is meaningless and full of people whose names in many cases I shall soon forget. It's still Colts football. Never mind that we lose almost every preseason game we play. It's Colts football!

Oh, and we just recently viewed the first season of Lost, and we have started the second season. This is a great show. Because you've mentioned it before, I am curious if it is going to begin to disappoint or grow old soon (in the episodes and seasons I've not yet viewed). In your opinion.


Demond Sanders said...

I think I speak for DZ and myself when I say Lost has only gotten better through four seasons. They made the right decision to limit the latter seasons to 16 episodes. This pretty much eliminates filler episodes and helps to stream-line the show.

Watching it straight through on DVD would be sweet. The hardest part about following that show is the huge layoffs between seasons (the last off-season last from May to February if I recall).

Anonymous said...