Monday, August 11, 2008

5 game angst

I don't like the 5 game preseason, because it drags out the amount of time we have to worry about things that probably won't matter. What's wrong with the line? Why did Ugoh get beat so bad by Peppers? That run D was horrible. We can't run the ball at all! Granted almost everything that runs through our minds can be traced to the fact that some pretty amazing players aren't on the field. On Saturday, we started some linebackers who won't be around in three weeks. The same blitz that takes out Sorgi gets burned for a score if Manning is playing. We all know these things in our minds, but when you are desperate for football to start (especially since the Reds just flat quit on Dusty Baker about two weeks ago), this stuff gets in your head. Ultimately, we should just be happy that the #1 issue with fans is who will be the backup QB. Considering that Manning has missed one snap in his whole career, this could well be the most irrelevant issue of all time.

Links: Here's the Esquire article JC mentioned about Brady. In it he says that Manning is the player he most enjoys watching. I think I've heard Manning make similar comments about Brady.

Peter King thinks tackles are a stupid stat (duh-see June, Cato) and uses the Colts to prove it.

SI reports from Colts camp. Did I link this last week?

I stole these next two from fan posts on because they are really strong:
Great article about Tom Moore. This is short, but a MUST read.

A funny piece on great NFL names. One of our guys makes #1.


Bob M. said...

5 Preseason games bite, but it's better to play one of them in Canton than Tokyo, like we did a few years ago.

Bob M. said...

Damn, time for a new nickname (was there an old one?) for Melvin Bullitt... The one-man blaxploitation flick? Shaft's much tougher neighbor? The man Samuel L Jackson wishes he could portray? Tough to do it without profanity. (tough for me to do ANYTHING without profanity)

Something in there.