Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get Sorgi some Prozac, stat

Jim Sorgi leads a life of mild depression. Bingo, drinking and pining for Peyton.

The Jags are having a tough time selling tickets. In other news, dogs have fleas.

Wow. Did you see The Onion did a piece on JC?

In case you missed it below: Marvin is a normal dude with the diet of an 11 year old kid.

Did we make fun of Jacksonville yet? I can't remember, so just in case, check out this concerned citizen of J-hole-ville.


Robert I. said...

In case you missed it or just arent awake yet, Favre is now a Jet.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Wow, just found that out. That certainly changes the complextion of the AFC a little. That makes a couple of games tougher for NE>

Adam said...

So, NE might go 5-1 in the division instead of 6-0, as the Jets end up with a 9-7 or 10-6 season and don't make the playoffs?

Favre going to the Jets is meaningless, which is exactly why Green Bay did it.

Think about it: GB shipped him out of the division and the conference. They stuck him in the AFC, home of 6 of the last 8 Super Bowl Champs. To get to the playoffs, the Jets either need to win the Division or pick up a wild card. Admittedly. they could also go 5-1 in the division, because the AFC East is that bad.

So, let's assume the Jets sneak in as a 6 seed. To get to the Super Bowl, you're talking about a Murderer's Row: San Diego (most talented roster in the league), Indianapolis (a year removed from a SB title, loaded with future HoFers), and New England (went 16-0 last year). Even if they're a 5 seed, they'd still have to play 2 of the three, and JAX as an opening round game.

Now, let's take a look at Favre's other hypothetical suitor: the Bucs. They play in one of the worst divisions in football and were Division champs last year. Carolina and Atlanta will be terrible. So, they're fighting New Orleans for a title. That's a much better matchup than New England. Moreover, the overall field is much weaker. The Giants, Cowboys, Packers, Seahawks, Eagles, and Saints aren't nearly as good as the AFC teams.

Green Bay did the right thing. They shipped an aging QB to a team where he'll be buried by other, much better teams in the conference. If the Jets make the playoffs, I'll be surprised. GB got a 4th round pick, and the Jets got something to care about. Everybody wins but Brett, and that's something everyone can agree on.

Julio Queiroz said...

Favre might not make that much of a difference for the Jets probability of winning it all, but the Packers chances of doing so are pretty worse now.

jc said...

Two things.

Firstly, I'm about a thousand times better looking than the kid in that article.

Secondly, I'm enough of an informed, provocative contrarian to make your bland posts read more frequently.

Like Slim said ... "I'm promotin your ass"

As a season ticket holder who uses my 10 (2 pre) games mostly for business development, I actually get to see a Jet team that won't get destroyed by the 8 minute mark of the 2nd Quarter.

This is a good thing.

Bob M. said...

Did I miss the supplemental draft or something? Looks like the Jets picked up this kid Bert Faver or something like that. I think he played at Wisconsin previously. Stats are sketchy, but he looks pretty productive if they can coach the risk-taker out of him. Could be a project but a great long-term pick. In 10 years, when Manning and Brady are retired, this kid could lead the Jets to the big game.

Shake'n'bake said...

Everybody missed the supplemental draft. They didn't have one this year because no players entered.

Bob M. said...

Damn, I make a joke and it turns out to have some measure of truth in it. Nobody at all in the SD?

How odd that in all of the NCAA, there wasn't one guy who projected as a first day pick who had trouble financially, academically, with his team/coach, etc. and decided to leave school. Not even Maurice Clarett trying for a comeback?

HeatherRadish said...

but the Packers chances of doing so are pretty worse now.

They were zero a week ago; it's mathmatically impossible to be any worse today.

On the downside, the Milwaukee CBS affiliate announced today they were going to carry the Jets every Sunday, regardless of what less-than-shitty teams might be playing. Time to move back to civilization.

(I liked your "Bert Faver" joke, Bob.)