Monday, August 25, 2008

Manning to practice tomorrow

I saw this on the Star page about two seconds before reader Justin emailed it to me. It's no guarantee everything is ok, but it sure isn't bad news.

By the original timetable, Manning is right on schedule...provided he actually does play opening day.

Links: Reggie Wayne is really good.

As linked on Stampede Blue, John Clayton says Saturday could miss a few weeks. Lovely.


Jesse said...

Anybody heard what the injury to Saturday was???

Big Dave said...

Sweet. He's one step closer to the field. The Bears can mark a big L on their schedule for week 1. :)

Jeff... didn't look like a very serious injury to me. He didn't have any help walking off the field. It could be something, but I'm guessing he'll be fine.

Bob M. said...