Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Peyton shows, Floria screwed, White confused

Peyton showed up at Colts practice today, and appeared to walking fine. All this seriously screws the imbecile Mike Floria of Profootballtalk.com who posted another hilarious alarming report today. Floria's obsession with Peyton's knee has been utterly bizarre as he has continually pounded the drum for fear and alarm. He has repeatedly ripped the Indy press for not freaking out about the whole thing. When Manning suits up for week one, he should publicly apologize. He won't, because he's a massive a-hole, but he should.

From the mailbag, Jesse chimes in with a fury aimed at Eddie White:

Nearly ran off I-65 today on my way into work.

I hear the longtime Indiana native, Eddie White on 1070AM- in his gay little promo for his horrible show. Here is what he said: "I'm worried about the colts offense. They've looked horrible in the first 3 games, and they don't look like the number 1 offense in the league that they are supposed to be. Gray and and the hefty lefty- along with our old buddy Sorgi - need to step it up. And we need Peyton back, because this offense looks bad." That's nearly word for word.

How many different ways can this guy tell me he's irrelevant? -From the east coast-I say things like "our colts" or "our QB - Peyton"-I'm worried about the colts offense in the pre-season-I'm worried that we've lost 2 games and probably should have lost 3 in the preseason-I care at all who is our backup QB and how they are doing in the pre-season I just don't understand how this guy is in the Indianapolis market.

Kravitz is enough to get me to not listen at all, but add in this freaking moron who thinks he's a lifelong Hoosier and knows about our team is insulting. As long as Manning is a colt - saying this sentence immediately makes you irrelevant to me: "I'm worried about our offense in the preseason" - ARE YOU SERIOUS? HAVE YOU LOOKED UP OUR RECORD IN THE PRESEASON FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS? The fact that he is worried about our backups again just further prove how the words coming out of his mouth are stupid.

Listen closely: "If Peyton doesn't play QB for the Colts, the Colts will lose football games." It's very simple, it's understood, and everyone is ok with that. There are no exceptions. The alternative to Peyton is not good enough.

If Mike and Mike could switch back to 950, at least I wouldn't have to listen to these retards. JMV on 1260 seems like he's the only one who understands - we want to hear about football right now. Not high school stuff, not racing, not tennis. NFL football from people who aren't out for shock value reactions. Thanks - had to get that off my chest

Ok, so Jessie's upset. Fortunately for Mr. White, Peyton's appearance should help him feel better about the offense. I understand that it's hard to come up with stuff to talk about some times, White needs to chill. Most Colts fans now know that until real footballs are flying, we just hang back and take the intergalactic hitchhiker creed seriously:

Prisco likes the Colts best of the teams he saw.

Peter King is suddenly down on the Browns (duh) and thinks Sorgi would make a good O-Coordinator. Great, because he makes a crappy QB.

Don Banks thinks Brady is more valuable than Manning because Cassel is so bad. Um, Donnie...you haven't been watching our preseason games, have you? Sorgi is a mess. He's only keeping his job because Gray and Lorenzen have been basically worse.

TMQ thinks the Colts are going to Tampa. Easterbrook also notes we are still carrying nearly 6 million on the cap for Corey Simon. It's pretty amazing that Polian managed to avoid having that signing hurt any worse than it did. The money was spent, and that's too bad, but at least we didn't have to write a piece about how the team cut corners because it didn't have an extra $6 million in cap space this year.

Marcus Pollard got cut from the Pats. That puts him one step closer to the Classic Colts.

FO looks at the best and worst WR seasons. 88 and 87 show up a lot. AG really was as good as we could have possibly hoped for.


Bob M. said...

Manning's quotes, in the piece linked through the alleged knee brace photo, are stellar. Basically, "shut up, all of you!" But a little more polite. Not his usual uber-polite self, but close:

"I'm talking with you - this is taking away from my rehab right now," Manning joked with reporters Tuesday. "This is just to kind of stop some of the whining going on. I just didn't want to get into these daily progress reports. I've done nothing but rehab. Looks like we're already in the rumor mill."

Dan said...

I think this is what Banks is trying to say - he just wrote it really poorly.


Brady is more valuable than Manning because:

1. The Pats looks awful in pre-season with Cassel at QB.
2. Cassel, while looking horrid, is still better than Sorgi (this is the "would you trade Cassel for Sorgi" sentence
3. Since the Pats pre-season offense looks worse than the Colts pre-season offense, and Cassel is better than Sorgi, therefore Brady is more valuable than Manning.


Back to me talking again, and not my intepretation of Banksian logic:

Basing any big statement like Brady >> Manning on PRE-SEASON play is automatically severely flawed. More or less when neither QB has played and both 1st team offenses has sucked. Brutal writing AND logic by Don Banks.

Bob M. said...

Dan, that was pretty good. Banks might want to hire you as his editor... if you could stand it.

TMQ, who has his flaws, nicely points out the "one or two play" aspect of last season for the Colts, which most non-fans forget. (of course one or two plays for NE could have meant 19-0). Nice note on the Jags draft, BTW, except he leaves out the unsigned/cheap owner part of it.

And Prisco, for all his flaws, makes a few nice points about the Jags and Titans (it's all on Vince). Is N.O. really better than both of them? That will surprise many, if true.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Wow. That is convoluted to be sure.

Shake'n'bake said...

6 million would have been enough to keep Jake Scott with a million to spare. Then we could have used the 2nd round pick on an OT like John Greco, TE Marcellus Bennet or Brad Cottam, another pass rushing DE like Cliff Avril or Bruce Davis, or my favorite, WR Earl Bennett (drew comparisons to Marvin Harrison for his route running and hands)

Deshawn Zombie said...

You are assuming that they would have kept Scott if they had 6 million. I'm not sure they would have. The Colts love to let guards walk. I don't think more money under the cap would have changed anything.

There's no way to prove that of course.

Shake'n'bake said...

That was just the most obvious and likely use of the cap room. I hope the wouldn't have just sat on it like the Bucs are doing with something like 20million in cap room.

Shake'n'bake said...

Geovany Soto triple, thank you Corey Patterson.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I saw it, and cursed Patterson's name for the 50th time.

I hate this team.

Shake'n'bake said...

Big guy can move

Shake'n'bake said...

and by "can move" I mean isn't horribly horribly awkward.

Bob M. said...

RE: Pollard's release. Damn, what's with the Belichick quote? He's almost cuddly and effusive. I'm used to the super-terse responses and here he's acting like Pollard's agent and schedule planner.

RE: FO's WR season/career standings, wow, AG was even better than I realized last year. Yes, 18 clearly had something to do with it (Tom Moore too), but with his soph season looming, is there any reason to think we won't see a 2004 caliber season from the top 3 WRs, 44, and 18? Which would open things up for 29/33 in the backfield, and consequently put the D in good position to rack up sacks playing with sizeable early leads. This could truly be a monster year.

Am I getting ahead of myself here?

Despite a tough schedule (and SD and NE with top-3 easy skeds), we might see 13 wins again... but still not get a bye. Which is okay by me.

Adam said...

Indy's schedule keeps looking easier and easier. The AFC North is rapidly imploding, to the point where I'd drop the Browns from my Playoff contender list after positively dreadful preseason performances. The Steelers, home of KSK Faves Hines "Smirre or no smirre" Ward and Ben "HARF HARF HARF" Roethlisberger aren't looking that impressive. New England is due for a letdown; you can't bookend your greatest defeats with losses to the Manning brothers and engender the ill will of the whole league without consequences, like defensive ends going for the knees of your QBs, or a WR chop blocking Rodney Harrison. And the Chargers are immensely talented but haven't shown an ability to put it together yet, mostly thanks to Philip "Laserface/Marmalard" Rivers.. Also, they have Norv Turner roaming the sidelines, and that means that at some point, he's going to stay on 16, and a team like Indy or NE will get a Blackjack.

We face a Farve-less Packers, Purple Jesus in Week 2, Jacksonville twice (who might be trotting out their 3rd - 5th string WRs for David "Silky" Garrard to throw to), Tennessee (who might run the first 3RB-2TE offense ever), and Houston (who has yet to break .500 in franchise history).

Seriously, only Minnesota, NE, and SD worry me.If we don't cakewalk through the rest of the schedule, it's because of a catastrophic injury.

Did I mention that we'll be playing Kyle Orton the first week? I mean, seriously. The Bears are trotting out Kyle Orton against the Colts. The Colts might break the single game sack record that game. At the very least, he'll be able to write a detailed review of the playing field and the Bears' 17 yard line while he's there, since he'll be acquainted with it so much.

jc said...


You know you live in a crazy lame sports media market when you YEARN for Mike and Mike.

Moreover, you know you're on a crazy lame blog when there's a 20 post thread about 3rd World South American Soccer Rivalries.

My dog Brady got his balls cut off today. Might as well just castrate me too. That's how it feels.

Insert corny joke about Brady impregnating someone HERE.

Has anyone ever seen the movie "The Illusionist"? If you have......can you explain to me what the eff happens at the end??

Deshawn Zombie said...

What happens at the end is that they took a semi-interesting movie and reduced it to an obvious cliche. Right down to Paul Giamatti shaking his head and laughing.
That movie sucked.

International soccer rules (it's the MLS that sucks).

Anonymous said...

D......not only did it suck but it didn't even compute!

Did they take a really cool flick and make it a ghost movie in the last five minutes??????

Is that what happened? I'm glad I'm not the only one that was WICKED disappointed.

- JC

Deshawn Zombie said...

No, it wasn't a ghost movie. Ed Norton used a projector to create the ghost images. (I believe...it's been several years since I saw it)

I'll watch almost anything with Norton (even the 25th Hour and Hulk). But that movie became painfully obvious (I bet the doctor is in on it!). It didn't jump the tracks as ridiciulously as the Prestige did, but it didn't live up to the very solid first hour+.

Deshawn Zombie said...

My least favorite Ed Norton movie has to be The Italian Job.

I could never believe any film that wanted to convince me that Mark Wahlberg was capable of outsmarting Ed Norton.

That really defies my ability to suspend disbelief.