Friday, August 29, 2008

Living in special times

Here's a bevy of links starting with a very fun one from Cold Hard Football Facts (see guys, I can play nice!). They look at why Manning vs Brady is the best QB rivalry of all time. I would have liked to see how Elway and Marino stacked up on the list as well, but I don't remember them playing in the playoffs that often, so it probably wouldn't have rated anyway. No matter who you think is better, everyone from a Southie to a Hoosier will agree that the NFL is better than ever because we get to watch these two go at it. Can you believe that realignment robbed us from TWO Manning/Brady games every year?

ESPN ranks the fan bases. Indy? A middling 16th. I'm not arguing.

Don Banks makes his predictions. Um, don't you need a QB to win it all? I'm not convinced the Chargers have one.

Finally, thanks to my buddy Chad for this oldie but goodie from SNL. It has no relevance. It's just funny.


andyfest said...

Definitely agree with the top 5 (except maybe Philly) and 16 seems about right for Indy. Even during the Super Bowl season they had trouble selling out games until about half-way through the season if I remember right.

I disagree with the Lions at 31. The fans don't have much of a reason to show up for the games but I know a lot of people from up there and they love the Lions and love to talk about 'em. I'd put them in the 11-22 group somewhere I think.

Deshawn Zombie said...

That's not entirely accurate. They've sold out every game pretty easily since the Houston game in 2003.

Still, until recently Colts fans have been notoriously ignorant. I think we've turned the corner in that respect, however.

Bob M. said...

How could CHFF miss the titanic Gary Hogeboom/Bernie Kosar rivalry?

(I just took a stab at the QBs in the playoff game after the 1987 strike year.)

Didn't see whole lotta facts in their QB rivalry writeup--kind of a pansy fanboy piece for them. And maybe one of their least distorted ones! Leaving out Marino/Elway sounds odd. Maybe Marino/Kelly? At least they played twice a year for 7-8 years, no? Maybe in the playoffs too? Both HOFers. Their respective teams' quality probably negated a great rivalry, though.

We ARE lucky, though, and they got that right. If you look back over the years, often there was one dominant QB for a few years, maybe one in each conf; rarely were there two in the same conf for a solid decade, often meeting in both the regular season and the playoffs.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Great call on Marino/Kelly, although if we've already forgotten it, it doesn't really stand up does it?

Shake'n'bake said...

Just a heads up on tomorrows draft. I'll be missing the draft for the epic Iowa-Maine showdown. If an odd number of teams show up feel free to boot me. I'll auto-rank real deep so nothing too goofy should happen from my picks.

Bob M. said...

Here's a mildly interesting read "as told to" by Charlie Weis. So Bill B gave Charlie Jr. his Pats apparel to keep him warm in that last game... that explains why I saw two hobos on the sideline.

Well, it's nice that there's somebody out there who likes BB as a human being and not just as a coach. But the fact that he needs defending at all is an issue itself. Frankly, my hope is that his coach persona is just a persona and he's a decent, caring human being behind it. But I'd be surprised.

Bob M. said...

Banks's Garrard photo and caption are very funny, but his 6-loss prediction for the Colts is nuts. Donald... which six games do you see them losing? Point them out and maybe indicate a likely score?

Ah, now you're down to 4 losses, eh? Maybe 3? I thought so. Glad I could help you out there.


Joel said...

I gotta say, I had a bit of a chuckle scrolling through that list of top fan bases, and finally reaching Jacksonville and seeing "Consecutive Sellouts: 0".

Shake'n'bake said...

I don't see how Jacksonville isn't last. First and foremost for a fanbase should be filling the stadium on gameday.