Wednesday, August 27, 2008

18 Plays is back

I know you all missed our dulcet tones, so we have returned for one more season. We are back with 18 Plays (sort of) from the Colts/Bills thrillfest on Sunday. This will be the only preseason podcast we do, but we'll return after the Bears game. As always, you can download the podcast directly from our podcast page (linked above), or subscribe via Itunes. If you need the XML feed, you can find it here.

By the way, we still have openings for both of our contests. The first is the free fantasy football league (which does award prizes). We have 1 or 3 more slots open. The draft is Saturday, and remember that we don't allow Patriots or Jaguars players to be drafted or played. For details, email us.

The second is the "Most Important Wins in Colts History" contest. We are currently looking for readers to research and submit summaries of five games. If your summary is selected (assuming it's accurate and spelled vaguely correctly it will be), you'll win an official Super Bowl XLI program. Email us with your submission. The five games we need write-ups for are:

3. The Halloween Massacre- Colts 55 Broncos 23 October 31, 1988
The first MNF game in Indy
4. Colts 24 Bucs 6 December 27, 1987
The Colts clinch their first playoff birth in Indy
5. Colts 31 Broncos 10 AFC Playoffs January 4, 2003
First Colts home playoff win helped secure a new stadium
9. Colts 17 Steelers 16 October 21, 1984
One of the first home wins in Indianapolis. The Colts score 17 in the 4th quarter.
10. Colts 31 Vikings 10 December 24, 2000
A big win over a good team to secure a playoff spot

LINKS: FO looks at the over/unders on wins with their own particular wit. Someone wants to take the Colts for under 11 wins and the Jags for more than 10? Baaaad decision.

SI has their season preview out. They have the Pats beating the Colts in the AFC Championship game. The preview of the Colts focuses rightly on the defense. Three second-half TDs against the Chargers backups were inexcusable last year, and before all the injury craziness, I was convinced Freeney's return would be the most important story. Now, it's injuries to the O-line combined with Manning's knee. If both were sound, I'd say we were golden. If either one is ok, the team will do very well. If both are bad...yikes.

Prisco picks the Colts in the South. lists the health of the Colts' stars as the #2 issue that could derail a title. Yup. Hard to argue with that.

ESPN's predictions are out. Here's their breakdown of the Colts. Two 'experts' picked the Colts to win it all.

Mike and Mike take on the Colts.

ESPN the Mag breaks down the AFC South


Big Dave said...

Hey, just wondering if you missed Roby's 66-yard kickoff return in the Bills game. It wasn't in the 18 plays podcast, and you mentioned he "didn't do much" with his returns. Were you off getting $10 nachos? Anyway, good to hear you back on the podwaves.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Yeah, we totally missed it. It must have happened after we had gotten up to leave. When was it?

Deshawn Zombie said...

HA! I just looked it up in the game book, and it happened while we were in the stadium looking for a monitor that actually showed the game, instead of an ad.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I still don't think they keep Roby JUST to return kicks. They'd probably rather use a player that was going to make the roster anyway.

Demond Sanders said...

LOL - oops

We left after the 3Q because of a newborn-related emergency. The funny thing is we were among the last to leave.

Shake'n'bake said...

Jags signed Harvey

Big Dave said...

Have you guys actually seen the return on video? It was really impressive. Fast, broke a tackle... no hesitation. I think they just might keep him for KR/PR/special teams. I remember Dungy was impressed with him a few weeks back. I think he will be a Colt.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I'll watch for him tomorrow, but he didn't look great in his returns we did see. I say he loses out to the 3rd QB

Big Dave said...

And just who might the 3rd QB be? LOL. If Manning practices all week with no setbacks, they will probably go Manning/Sorgi again, IMO. I just can't see them keeping Jlo or Gray based on what they've done.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I saw the Jags had signed Harvey this morning, but that makes the story uninteresting. He won't be effective by week 3, and now the humor value is greatly drained.

Demond Sanders said...

I can't see them keeping a 3rd QB either, Big Dave.

If something else goes wrong with Manning during the season they'll sign a veteran QB at that time, but they are risking very little by cutting both of these clowns.

Deshawn Zombie said...

They have one more chance.

But, yeah I agree. At this point, who knows if Sorgi is even ready to go. One of the two has to look good, or you cut them both.

Dungy said they are probably going with three, though. If Roby returns great tomorrow and both the QBs suck (which they will), then maybe he makes it.

Big Dave said...

What did you guys think of the crowd noise? I know people weren't into it since it was preseason, but it didn't seem loud to me. Does it have RCA Dome-like potential you think?

Deshawn Zombie said...

There wasn't much noise, but there wasn't much to cheer about.

The only way the new building is as loud as the dome is if they specifically designed it to be loud.

That building is cavernous.

Westside Rob said...

Just listened to the Podcast. Thanks for the "love" on us getting screwed. I'll probably be chastised for this but we found someone to unload our seats to for the entire season. We even made him buy the Preseason game for tomorrow night. We tried to go to the Colts again to talk to them about options. They are unsympathetic (that's what having a 25K waiting list does to ones ego). So we are now no longer season ticket holders after 25 years of being such. It's really a sad day for my family but I we can't see paying $75/seat/game to not really be able to watch the game in a produtive or enjoyable way. I definitely won't miss the walk up the Ramp from Hell either. We'll probably end up scalping some tickets(to decent seats) for a few games this year, but 8' from the 50" plasma will be our primary seats for the season. BTW: The offer to guest blog home games still stands if your are interested.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Wow. That makes me very sad. I totally understand though. Those seats sucked.

As for guest blogging...Demond and I will discuss and get back with you...I like the idea. It would really come into play only for the Bears and Jags games though. I head back to Argentina on September 22nd, so I'll be blogging the home games after week three.

Demond Sanders said...

I'd have done the same thing. Bad seats are bad seats.

There's nothing wrong with watching at home. That's how the vast majority of fans watch the games.