Monday, August 18, 2008

You know it's week two of the preseason when...

Peter King runs out of things to talk about. Seriously, are we that desperate after Favre that now we'll have to endure a spate panicky "Manning will miss games!" articles? Aside from the usual snarkiness from Profootballtalk, I'm sure we'll start getting more of these things leading up to the home opener. The cause for concern from Colts' fans should be that none of the #2 guys are any good at all. Sorgi stayed in the pole position last week only because Gray and Lorenzen sucked worse than he did. Shake posted their preseason stats. Ugh. I remain utterly unconvinced that Manning misses the Bears game. If you read what King wrote, he doesn't have any reason to assume he'll miss the game either, he just wanted an alarmist headline. Peter! I heard Brett Favre just took a crap! You'd better go analyze it!

By the way, Tom Brady has yet to play in the preseason either. Maybe his foot was amputated!

CHFF posts their AFC Fillability Index. How do I know this article is stupid? It gives the Jags an A- for adding Derrick Harvey. Um, don't you have to sign him before he's added? Seriously, if you can get an A on something by trading up a boatload of spots, and then letting your new pick sit out more than half the preseason, it must be the easiest test ever.

Want to have some fun? Read the Jags fans freaking out over a preseason loss to the Dolphins. I swear, they are the funniest franchise around.

We are currently waiting on our buddy Paul to post a recap of yesterday's Open House for season ticket holders. I couldn't make it down to Indy due to work commitments, and Demond's wife is ready to give birth any day, so Paul agreed to go and do a writeup. I expect it to be posted by this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that they killed off Libby. I understand Anna-Lucia, but Libby too? Didn't see it coming. Poor Hurley.

Another cliffhanger finale.

Season three begins next week.

- coltsfanawalt

Demond Sanders said...

There's a lesson for you: don't drive drunk if your character is expendable.

funtime42 said...

I asked one of the Musculoskeletal radiologist types at work about this and was told there are 'lots' of bursa sacs in the knee - it isn't one single baggie, more like layers of little bubble wrap bubbles. Infection is the biggest concern and the Colts are managing that well as far as I can see.

Shake'n'bake said...

Didn't Dom already teach us that last year.

Though getting around 3 million for half the touches he had the year before isn't much of a punishment.

Bob M. said...

funtime42... thanks! Good to know. The infection (intraveinous antibiotics?!?!) was what always worried me more, and this info helps.

Shake (re: Dom) very funny, but that move requires another character in the mold of Dan Snyder, Al Davis, or Jerry Jones. If they're not in the script, the next step is unemployment.

Finally, I think Peter King accomplished 2 important things (to him): #1, he established the "I called Manning out first beachead." If it DOES happen, PK looks like a genius. If it doesn't, everyone forgets by the playoffs anyway. And PK sets up a guaranteed follow-up interview with a "boy was I wrong" article. Win-win for him. It's the smart move, really. (My God, I sound like a character in The Godfather.)
And #2, PK told us about his all-important colon--he probably gets a hundred comments daily with the word "asshole" in them, and now, because he published his colonoscopy schedule, nobody else needs to comment on it. Right? The man is a genius.