Monday, August 11, 2008

I want to puke

The Reds dealt Dunn. They didn't just deal him. . . they traded him for a fist-full of magic beans. They got a former third round pick with elbow trouble and two players to be named later.

Now, ignore the fact that he's leading the majors in homers. Even if they just let him walk via free agency, they would get two first round picks for him.

I'm literally too furious to type anymore. I'm about two seconds from unleashing a vicious tirade and forever renounce the Reds as my team. I've never been this angry over a deal. This club will suck for the next decade.

Demond Sanders: Simmah-dah-nah. Actually, wait, don't. You're telling me they are letting Josh "Hambone" Hamilton and Adam Dunn get away in less than a year? Castellini!!!!!


Rob-Westside said...

I think it's time you guys excepted the obvious that there isn't much left watching and rooting for in major league baseball. The sport has in fact been dead for a while, you've just been in denial. I long ago gave up on baseball. The NBA died for me the night of the brawl (I was actually watching that game that night and it was the last Pacer game I watched). At this point Colt's football is all that I have left, and I spend 95% of my "sports free time" on the Colts. Sad I suppose but even sadder is holding out hope that the Reds are ever going to return to their glory years. Sorry man I know it sucks but that's the reality.

Demond Sanders said...

Your bluntness cuts deep, Rob. Wait, what did I just type?

Shake'n'bake said...

This passage from Moneyball jumped to mind after reading the post and rob-westside's comment.

About Bill James from Moneyball:

In his earlier writings James often tried to explain what he was up to, in such a way that it might invite baseball professionals to pay attention. His instinct, at first, was to assume that he people who actually managed baseball teams had some good reason for what they were doing, even when what they were doing struck him as foolish. A few years into his career, he clearly decided that baseball professionals would benefit from being smacked in the head with a two-by-four. In his commentary about the Cleveland Indians that year, for instance, he wrote that "During the past winter I was told something about the Indians' front office that shocked me. They're dumb. You know, not bright, slow." He went on to explain how he at first refused to accept stupidity as an explanation for the Indians' ineptitude because "there is so much hope invested in a ball club, there are so many people that care about the fortunes even of the Indians and who are honestly hurt, if only in passing (but we are all only passing) that it just seems inconceivable that these fortunes could be entrusted to someone who is incapable of taking care of them. Are children allowed to play catch with the family jewels? ... I have a correspondent who is an avid Indians fan, a professor of math at a fine university. He understands what needs to be done. Why can't he be given the job.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I hate you, Shake.

No, wait. I hate Walt Jocketty.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Seriously, though. What possible defense is there for PAYING the DBacks to take Dunn for 6 weeks? The Reds paid part of his salary. It's insane.

Picky said...


Go Cubs Go!

Seriously, sorry about your bad team owners/managers. Look at it this way, at least you don't have to worry about the ignominy of doing really well, but still falling behind the Cubs, Cards, and Brewers, right? Now if the Reds suck, at least there's something you can point to.

Adam said...

Think about it this way: you could be a Cubs fan, still waiting for the historic and almost inevitable collapse to come.

Or a Mets fan, realizing that having one awesome pitcher doesn't matter if your bullpen sucks.


Rob-Westside said...

Sorry for the bluntness...maybe not. (BTW: It was supposed to be "accepted" not "excepted" need to start proofing my posts better).

Anyway I think I turned away from all the other sports because of the feeling of futility that they all gave me. I'm not going to root for an "East Coast" team, and there isn't much of a chance that a Midwest team will ever be able to compete in baseball. I do have hope that the Pacers will some day again be worthy of following. It's not a winning bandwagon thing. I'm waiting for but a team that plays hard and earns my attention. It became obvious the night of the brawl that the Pacers were no longer that team. I was a huge fan of the Pacers during the dreadful 80's so I don't view myself as a "bandwagon" guy. I just want a team that is easy to care about, win or lose. That's what is so incredible about the current Colts team. They win and they are people that I can easily care about. They are mostly good guys, coached by good guys, owned by a geniune (though flawed) good guy. I don't see any teams in MLB that give me that sense, and having never been a big baseball fan anyway it's easy to just ignore the sport entirely.

Life is so short, and time is in such short supply that I'd rather spend time following a sport and a team that bring positive "energy" into my life. Instead of getting caught up with a team that clearly doesn't care, run by people who care even less.