Saturday, August 2, 2008

A short discussion.

This topic has been much discussed here and elsewhere, but the Indystar is talking Canton. I'll direct you to one quote in particular about Marvin Harrison: "He'll make it, but there will be a long discussion. Maybe not the first ballot.'' -- Mike O'Hara, Detroit News.

Mike is an idiot, but he may be right about the long discussion. It is going to take the committee a long time to rattle off the lengthy list of Marvin's on-field accomplishments before they vote him in. On the first ballot.

Here's my quick up or down on the rest of the Star's list:

Peyton Manning: Yes.
Marvin Harrison: Yes.
Adam Vinatieri: Yes.
Dwight Freeney: No.
Bob Sanders: No.
Reggie Wayne: Yes.
Tony Dungy: Yes.
Bill Polian: No.


Shake'n'bake said...

Marvin needs 59 receptions for 990 yard to move into second (behind Rice) on both of those all time lists. He's 7 TDs back from second, but he's 6 behind TO and 1 behind Randy Moss, so second all time isn't guaranteed there.

Marvin could retire today and get in on the first ballot. He's top 5 all time in receptions, yards and TDs and with a healthy season could be top 3 in all of them, top 2 if TO and/or self destructs again.

Shake'n'bake said...

and/or Moss self destructs

Robert I. said...

Polian no? the man has created 5 teams that won the superbowl with one of them winning it. If the Colts win another one this year there is no question he should be in the HOF

Adam said...

Running down the list:
Manning - Lock, 1st Ballot
Harrison - Lock, 1st or 2nd Ballot
Wayne - Needs to define himself as a true #1, move into the top 10 all time
Freeney - Needs a couple of monster seasons, possibly the single season sack record, or at least top 5 all time.
Sanders - Needs to stay healthy. There's a bias against DBs though.
Vinatieri - Lock. If he doesn't make it in, they might as well say that no kicker is ever getting in.
Dungy - Lock. Lots of wins, SB title, historic coaching accomplishment.
Polian - Built 4 SB teams, including expansion Panthers, that went to the SB, 1 title. Needs a second title to solidify his resume.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Hi from Germany..

Polian is a no because no one makes it from the front office. Only two front office guys have every gotten in. We made the case for Polian, and it's strong; but the odds are still long.

BD said...

I think Adam is right on. Wayne doesn't have it yet. He's on the way, but still needs a few more great seasons. And Polian... I think he SHOULD be in, but like DZ said, he probably won't be. If he wins 2 more superbowls with the Colts, I think he STILL has a tough time getting in.

Demond Sanders said...

Those are my gun to the head answers. Not whether they have the resume now, but whether I think they will when they retire.

Reggie will have the star status and the numbers to go along with it when he hangs it up, mainly because he gets to play with Peyton for several more years.

Bob M. said...

I side with Adam, mostly. I have a hard time seeing Polian denied.

Wayne and Freeney have a ways to go, and it's not an easy road, but they could do it.

Vinatieri? Just not sure, but I'm doubtful. His "clutchness" is probably already enshrined in some manner (balls he's kicked for last seocnd SB wins, etc) but putting in kickers is like Cooperstown putting in relievers or closers--you have to have some all-time numbers and AV does not. Just a handful of career-defining moments.