Saturday, August 18, 2007

We told you so months ago...

Back in April we had this post:

In it, we explained that Vince Young is a terrible passer and the Titans know it. Last night, after an fugly 5 for 17 performance, SI's Don Banks wrote about VY:

"Young's passing accuracy was another Achilles that we might be talking plenty about this year. It's hard to be precise when you're under so much pressure, but 5 of 17 won't cut it no matter what league you're playing in. And you can't claim that it was an aberration. He completed only 51.5 percent as a rookie, and a source within the league told me recently that one reason the Titans don't really need great receivers on their roster is because Young can't be counted on to put the ball in their hands anyway.
"He won't throw it where it's supposed to be,'' said the league observer. "He'll throw it late. Eric Moulds is their best receiver because he catches the ball. But with Vince Young, you need guys who can come back to the ball and be improvisational, because that's how he plays.''

Again, this is what we've been saying all offseasons. Jeff Fischer is a GREAT coach. He's smart enough to know that to be the king in your division, you have to beat the best. If you want to beat the Colts with a QB who can't throw, build your whole team around the run. DON'T waste money on pricey WRs or worse draft picks on young WR who won't contribute for at least 2-3 seasons. Let VY throw all preseason to fool people, and then RUN IT. RUN IT ALL SEASON LONG. VY is a fraud throwing the ball and a revelation running it. Any idiot could tell what the Titans should do. The national media is just now waking up to what we've been saying for months.

I also wanted to call your attention to the the BS Report for this week. Bill Simmons' highly entertaining podcast took on Aaron Schatz of the In it, Simmons tries to take Schatz to task for defending Peyton Manning for so long. Schatz kicks his ass.

It's a great listen. It's also motivated me to write a new article for the main site about the 5 great myths surrounding the Indy Colts. I'll respond directly to some of Simmon's claims in it. Many of these we've dealt with in one way or another in this blog, but I think it'll be nice to have a reference point with all of them debunked in one place. Look for this to up early next week along with our newest 18 Questions interview (it's really strong). We'll also be debuting our 18 Key Plays podcast after the MNF game with the Bears. After every game, we'll break down the 18 plays that most affected the outcome. At the end of the year, we'll pick the 88 key plays of 2007. Hard at work for you. We're not sure why exactly since we don't make any money. Let's just say, it's because we love you, loyal Colts fan. But calm down, we're totally not going to make out or anything. It's more of a friend kind of love. Or the way one loves a puppy.

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bsanders37 said...

Awesome. Listened to that Simmons show too, and he has no logic for his Manning hatred other than he's a Pats fan. He keeps trying to bring up that Jets playoff game as if it should mean something. Psh.