Monday, August 6, 2007

Hand me a Danish

Nothing like waking up to the best of the Bard. I must admit, I got a chuckle out of Demond's despondency. I'm not going to cry any tears over a guy who had 29 tackles and 2.5 sacks last year. I hope he's ok, but let's save the poisoned foil for another day.

In other news, Kravitz wrote a short fluff column on Colts going to the Hall of Fame.

He thinks Polian deserves to go, and I agree, but confess I've never looked up what it takes to get as a front office guy...sounds like an article.

In other news, I'm heading back to Nap Town with my family this week after 3 years in Argentina. I'm looking forward to watching the Dallas game with Demond, although I'm not sure what I'll do since we can't sit and IM during the game.

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