Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some crap, fodder for an article, and one tremendous interview

Peter King has come out with a list of the 500 best NFL players. #18 is number one.

The best part of the exercise is this tremendous interview with Manning. It's loaded with great stuff that I haven't heard anywhere else. I'm sure Michael Silver is stewing somewhere. Honestly, if Peter King is worth anything, it has to be for his ability to get an interview like this. It's really good stuff, and I don't know that any of the other national guys could get it.

My main complaint with the list will center around Marvin being way too low and behind Holt and Smith. I could go over and shred the list, but why bother? It's one man's opinion. There's been a lot "Marvin's old now, he's clearly not the best WR in the league". King says he's "slipping a bit and not as physical". Ok, let's do some research. Our next article for will compare Marvin's last 3 seasons to those of Chad Johnson, TO, Steve Smith and Tory Holt. Then we'll see who the best WR in the league is. I hope to have this up by tomorrow.

By the way, Reggie Wayne at 68 behind guys like Todd Heap and Calvin Johnson? Let's offer him to the Ravens or Lions straight up for those guys. Bet you money they take that deal in a second.

And don't get me started on Vince "I completed 51% of my passes last year!" Young at 41, earning the comment "May become the NFL's Jordan".

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coltsfanawalt said...

Man, that was one awesome interview. I can't believe he got Manning to talk that freely. Truly excellent.