Friday, August 3, 2007

Fred Taylor talking trash about Kid Joe

Funny stuff from a recent press conference. Taylor is miffed because the fantasy prognosticators have Addai ranked ahead of Taylor. Let's ignore the fact that Addai will have far more carries this season than Taylor. Let's look at the stats: Taylor racked up 1146 yards on 231 carries for an average of 5.0 yards per carry in 2006. Addai, in his rookie season, totaled 1081 yards on 226 carries for an average of 4.8 yards per carry. Addai had 7 rushing touchdowns to Taylor's 5 scores. Addai had 325 yards receiving to Taylor's 242.

Taylor also had the added benefit of playing twice against the Colts' run defense. Amazingly similar numbers for a kid about whom Taylor claims "there's no way in hell he's better than me." Oh, and did I mention Addai had 143 total yards en route to winning the Super Bowl?

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