Tuesday, August 7, 2007

FO takes on coaching staffs

We can all be pleased with the Colts #3 ranking, and pretty much everyone agrees that Indy has a tremendous group of coaches.

What's really great in this piece is the list of worst coaching staffs in the NFL.

A couple of notes on the bottom three teams:
30. San Diego Chargers-and there you have it. This is why I'm not worried about them this year. Schottenheimer was a proven winner (at least in the regular season). Norv Turner is a proven loser in all seasons. I'm not buying the hype on this team. Talented teams with bad coaches tend to implode.

31. Jville Jholes-I LOVE IT! Mad Jack and his motley crew come in 31st in the NFL! Jack Del Rio is a horrible coach. He really is. If you watch much Jags football, and God help me, I do, you know that he just has no idea what is going on out there. The Jags had a much higher Pythagorean win total (expected wins derived from PF and PA) than real wins. That means they underperformed (0-2 agains Houston for example). Last year the Jags were 2-7 in games decided by a TD or less. They were 6-1 in blowouts. That means that when the Jags showed up, their talent was overpowering. If you got them in a dog fight, however, Del Rio's team would fold. Coaching matters most in tight games. Del Rio's teams can't win them.

32. NY Giants-Everyone loves to kill Eli (two playoff appearances in 3 years is pretty freaking good from a young QB), but has anyone noticed that the coaching in New York is horrible?

Also checkout this article from a fellow blogger that did a comparison of expected wins before the season vs. actual wins.

Good news: The Colts are among the most consistent teams in the league

Bad news: We mentioned a few weeks ago that the Colts expected wins this year is around 10.

Good news: This same guy came up with a ranking of coaches to see who generates the most 'extra wins' above expectations. #1 on the list...Tony Dungy, who generates about 1.73 extra wins. This means that with any luck, the Colts should be back around 11 or 12 wins again. I think we would all take that right now, given the injuries and the schedule.

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