Thursday, August 30, 2007

Marvin article posted

Well, I didn't have time for any kind of thorough research or advanced data collection (hey, I used DPAR. Does that count?). But anyway, check out the new article on Marvin's current place among the game's elite. We are homers, but we are also honest. It's tough to argue that Marvin is the unquestioned best WR, but there isn't really anyone who you can prove is better. I know that's a frustrating answer, but hey, we just report the facts.

Marvin is the best at scoring touchdowns by far. He ranks very high in the new fangled DPAR stat (behind only Reggie Wayne). He lags a little in the yards category. His numbers last year were excellent, but you could argue he was further down the list two and three years ago. I think the numbers show he is definitely superior to Torry Holt but Steve Smith's durability (or severe lack there of) makes it hard to quantitatively judge the two against one another. Read it for yourself and judge by the numbers that are most convincing to you.

Demond Sanders' Comments: Next we should do an article on whether Peyton Manning is the best active quarterback in the NFL. Or not.

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