Monday, August 20, 2007

Watching the 4th quarter

after going to the game tonight. Yeah, we left at halftime. We'll be posting our first "18 Plays" podcast later this week where we break down the 18 most important plays. We have a lot of impressions from what was a VERY encouraging first quarter + of football from the 'real' Colts.

Did anyone catch the 4th quarter conversation about Dungy's HoF credentials? If Tony, Jaws, and Mike had only read, they wouldn't have made some easily correctable mistakes. They talked about Tony's '.640' win percentage as if it was low. They don't realize that it's the highest of any coach in the recent era. They mentioned Cowher and Jimmy Johnson as if they merited inclusion before Tony, when the numbers just don't support it.

Also, I heard Wil Wolford say this in the third quarter on the way home...

"it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog".

HA! Not the most sensitive thing to say on this day, Wil. Anyway, that phrase doesn't have to refer to 'man made' fights, but as it stood, it was high comedy.

Demond Sanders' Comments: At first I was happy after seeing how well the team was playing. Later, I was sad when Peyton Manning was sacked, and the special teams played badly. About halftime I was hungry. I ate two hotdogs which cost nine dollars, and I wasn't hungry anymore but I was angry. Later on I felt kind of sick.

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