Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why the Titans didn't draft a WR (and other draft observations)

A lot of analysts are shocked that the Titans didn't draft a wideout to compliment Mike Vi..ooops, I mean Vince Young. They keep wondering who Young will throw to. The answer: no one. Vince Young will not be throwing the ball much at all this year. The analysts have somehow forgotten Steve McNair's first 5-7 years in Tennessee. The Titans NEVER threw. Their entire offense was running Eddie George 400 times a year and throwing to Wycheck the tight end. Young is NOT an NFL quality passer. He might turn into one in 8 years like McNair finally did, but he just isn't at that level right now. The Titans would be CRAZY to invest in a wideout. They let their wideouts walk in free agency. Why? They won't be needing them. They will use the passing game sparingly in a controlled way. It's the smartest thing you can do if you have a guy who can't throw.

Also, note that all three of the Colts rivals in the AFC South drafted defensive players despite the fact that all three have major needs on offense. Maybe this is just the way it shook out, but it seems like the Colts have the division spooked.

Brady Quinn to Cleveland is interesting. Most of the sites I trust tend to rate him above Russel. This is potentially a huge move for Cleveland, but the question is the price. If Cleveland has a terrible year this year, and they will because 1. they suck and 2. they play in probably the toughest division in the NFL and 3. their QB will either be a rookie or Channing Frye, then they will be giving up a potential top 5 pick next year. If Cleveland has some kind of miracle season, then this will prove to be a great deal. Given the fact that Bill Polian claimed there were only 18 first round quality players, this could prove to be an amazing move for Dallas.

Cleveland GM Phil Savage may have made a great trade, but he does not come off well in interviews. He said, "Honestly, I think our first round pick next year was attractive to teams because they don't think we'll be very good." He also commented, "Selfishly, I'm tired of scouting, so now without a first round pick next year I won't have to scout". WHAT??? Suddenly, I'm seriously questioning the Browns. But that's par for the course.

Kudos to Mel Kiper Jr. who did correctly pick the first 7 players in the draft and 9 overall. Pretty impressive job.


Brian said...

Dude...It's Charlie Frye, not Channing Frye...although I wouldn't put it past you to try and make the parallel with the hapless and hopeless New York Knicks, the team that Channing Frye is on.

Deshawn Zombie said...

what's the difference?