Thursday, August 30, 2007

Flem in my throat

That sounded more disgusting than I intended somehow. Anyway, check out this terrific review of the Manning Passing Academy with regular ESPN contributor Dave Flemming. It's another cool insight into the life of America's favorite QB and his family. The camp sounds awesome, and it sounds like genuinely fun time for the kids.

Also, check out Dr. Z's preseason predictions. He puts the Colts at 12-4 and losing in the AFC Championship game to the Chargers. Totally reasonable. Our position on this season is that the playoffs will be a huge crap shoot. The AFC is so tough, there is no way to know who will emerge. Obviously, we hope it's the Colts, but the ball can bounce in funny ways. If you click on the Colts logo in that article, you get Peter King's preview of the Colts. The most interesting aspect of which is that he mentions Polian will be up for serious consideration for the HoF because of his draft record. This is significant because he's actually a voter. So that's encouraging.

Demond Sanders' Comments: Cool stuff. How did Polian manage to find Joseph Addai, knowing that he needed to replace Edge with a Pro Bowl caliber player? Three well-known backs were already selected, and Polian is left with what most analysts considered to be a second round player. How did he know? I have no idea.

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