Thursday, August 2, 2007

Of no interest to anyone but me

Buddy Bell is retiring as manager of the Royals.

Why do I care? He was my first favorite baseball player. He was the 3rd baseman for the Reds, and one night my dad said, 'Watch this. Buddy Bell will hit a home run.' He totally did, and I was hooked on baseball. I even had his kick ass Starting Lineup figure. I would always insert him into the starting lineup on Starting Lineup Talking Baseball (which ruled). He was later replaced by new favorite player, Chris Sabo. Once Sabo retired, I was a Barry Larkin fan. I'm currently holding auditions for favorite baseball player. Jr. holds the title by default, but Josh 'Hambone' Hamilton could take it from if they trade him.

Anyway, Buddy Bell is retiring from managing. A piece of my childhood just died.

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