Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blogging Preseason Game #3, Detroit at Indy

Random thoughts about the game:

1. Take back what I have said in this space in the past: The Colts need to think about bringing back Terrence Wilkins

2. A great early catch by Reggie Wayne on third down– laying out like a cartoon.

3. Anthony Gonzalez gets involved with his first preseason catch from Peyton and immediately fumbles. A Colts player whiffed on his attempt to recover the fumble. Turnovers are football death.

4. Brock beats his man easily. Mathis and Freeney get to the QB at the same time as Brock. This sack is all too easy. J.T. O’Sullivan is no match for the Colts’ first team D.

5. Addai looks like a freaking genius. Actually, the blocking made his nice 12 yard run elementary. Draft him fantasy people, draft him while you can!

6. A reverse to Dallas Clark? Would have worked for a nice gain, but two guys blocked the same man. If I know Dungy then we’ll see this play again when we least expect it.

7. You knew Peyton would go to Marvin on the very next play after so many looks at Wayne. His first incompletion of the night was a bit forced (I’m not going to complain though, because you have to keep #88 happy).

8. TOUCHDOWN MARVIN HARRISON. Peyton is 12 for 13 on the night and once again this is proof positive that the third preseason game is worth the full price of admission. The blinding speed of this offense is giving me chills and it’s only the preseason.

9. Bob “The Brain Eating Zombie” Sanders breaks up a pass. Now I really have chills.

10. Freddy Keiaho comes up with a nice run stopping tackle on first down. That is a play that Cato June makes only in his deepest REM sleep.

11. Holy Crap! Freddy Keiaho is everywhere.

12. The D has shown flashes of competence tonight. Detroit clearly has offensive talent and a scheme they seem to grasp well. The Colts do well to hold them to a long field goal.

13. This could be a big development. Kenton Keith has a heady runback on the kickoff return. If there isn’t a clear winner in the back up RB competition, special teams performance just might serve as the tiebreaker.

14. De De Dorsey has imploded in the preseason. They haven’t blocked well for him, but he hasn’t made anyone miss either. Two plays later, Dorsey’s first good run of the year is negated by a holding penalty on Jeff Saturday.

15. This just in: Peyton is 16 for 17.

16. Kenton Keith has two strong runs in a row. Dorsey is breaking out in hives at this point.

17. Dallas Clark and Peyton Manning should be on the Globetrotters. Manning lofts an alley oop, but Clark stumbles, managing to adjust his body while falling over and makes a playground grab for the touchdown.

18. Robert Mathis provides the pressure and Matt Giordano provides the highlight with a nice pick and suddenly it’s the Colts turn to take a shot at the one minute drill.

19. Peyton hits Gonzo down to the goal line. A quick bullet to Reggie Wayne and its 21-3. The Colts run the one-minute drill better than any professional team I’ve ever seen.

20. Peyton Manning finishes the game 23 for 27 for 233 yds with 3 TDs and no picks. Somehow this adds up to a rating of only 139. You read that correctly. Not a perfect passer rating.

Deshawn Zombie's Comments: Peyton was perfect. Ugoh struggled some. I'm worried about the run game to be honest. There was really no way to judge the D with O'Sullivan playing. Keiaho really was everywhere. Dallas Clark made several sick catches, and the Lions clearly have no one who can cover Reggie Wayne. It was definitely nice to see a lot more of AG, though I could have done w/o the fumble. I have some picks and witty comments, but I'm struggling to set up bluetooth on my new phone, so those will have to wait. It was a satisfying game to be at for a half. Have I mentioned how much I hate preseason?

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