Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stuff people are talking about

It was interesting to see the surprising lack of Anthony Gonzalez last night given that I had heard that Manning was feeding him the ball a lot in practice. In light of that, check out this nice piece off of ESPN about AG:

I'm starting to adjust my expectation for him downward. Maybe it's the lack of Tarik Glenn, necessitating more 2 TE sets, or just the desire to hide what the O will really be, but I sort of expected to see more of him.

Scouts Inc. blogger Marwan Maalouf also commented about weak play from the Indy special teams. Now, we'll address this more in our podcast this week, but honestly, are you really that surprised? The special teams were horrible (Smith and Vinatieri excluded) most of last year anyway, so I'm not jumping off of any bridges over this one.


coltsfanawalt said...

What podcast?

Deshawn Zombie said...

it's coming soon

Anonymous said...

Special teams bad "last year"?! How 'bout bad since before Dungy got to Indy!

I've always believed that special teams coverage and blocking were the best way to evaluate a head coach. It is the part of football which is least dependent on the quality of talent.

Special teams are casts of back up players for each team which change from year to year. Success comes to the coach who can continually coach them up and inspire them to do all the dirty work that makes so much difference.

You want to know who can coach football at the pure coaching level? Look at the special teams play.

Deshawn Zombie said...

wow I couldn't disagree more. Special teams have a lot to do with talent. It's almost purely athletic. When a team isn't deep, it has its best atheletes on the field, and left overs plaing special teams. When Robert Mathis plays ST, the Colts are good. When he doesn't they suck. I think your comment is blather.