Thursday, August 23, 2007

FO projections don't like the Colts

We mentioned this before. There are a lot of statistical warning signs about the Colts. There are a lot of reasons to be optimistic if you are a Jags fan. Fortunately, we have Manning and Dungy and they have Del Rio and Leftwhich/Gerrard/Couch/Vic from Ask Vic. Stats do matter, but they don't tell the whole story....I hope

The comments section of the article pointed out that the comments on the Colts schedule vs the Jags schedule don't make a lot of sense considering that they play 12 games in common and 2 against each other.

In other news, I went to a Reds game tonight with my dad. I love baseball. The good guys won, and Hambone hit a homerun. I felt like I was 8, I was so happy. I just have one question though...with a runner at 3rd and none out and Chipper Jones pulled around toward short, would it freaking kill Dunn or Hatterberg to lay down a bunt? It would be a sure run. Instead, a whiff and a double play and the inning was over. Geeze guys. If they are going to play the shift, TAKE THE RBI. And yes, I used to make these observations when I was 8 too.

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