Thursday, August 23, 2007

Army or not, you must realize. . . you are doomed.

A couple of Hoosier-born Patriot fans took the time to send us their opinion on who from the Star Wars universe should have truly represented Brady-Nation:

We got 4 new weapons..

(Moss, Stallworth, Wes Welker, Adalius Thomas)

Well, thanks for the e-mail boys. We are always more than happy to provide an outlet for the fans of "The Yankees of the NFL." Before we get too excited, let's all remember what happened to our favorite alien-droid-cyborg-warrior:

As you can see, his organ sac has burst into flames.

Deshawn Zombie's comments: One reader objected to us not using Bobba Fett for the Patriots. Actually, we almost used Jango Fett's headless body for the Falcons, because they also lost their head to law enforcement after a scrape with a dangerous animal. Finally, we just decided that Han in carbonite said it all. I think Grevious would have been a solid choice for the Pats becuase he kept getting arms sliced off, and it looks like Moss is already having trouble staying on the field.


Anonymous said...

The one thing I dug was that the list of teams and their star wars counterparts was, in spirit, a half serious but true assessment of the 2007 season.

I agree, the more accurate representation of the Patriots in this colts-favorable view of the universe would be General Grievous, but not the cackling, coughing version from Episode III, but the devastating, near-unbeatable jedi-killer from the clone wars micro series.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Hmmmm, you mean the General Grievous that was the unwitting tool of Chacelor Palaptine? The General Grievous who ran off like a coward when things were tough? Or the General Grievous who got his chest cavity crushed by Mace Windu and wound up weezing like an asmatic 10 year old on a mile run? You know what? That DOES sound like that Pats...