Monday, December 10, 2007


This post will serve as a clearing house for any links I find throughout the day, but I'm not expecting there to be many. Most of the coverage is of the Pats/Steelers game. I do think everyone should read Kravitz's piece from yesterday's Star. It's probably his best work since he came to Indy. Demond and I have discussed the concept that this is the golden age many times. Watching these Colts must be what it was like to be a Reds fan in the 70s. It's a special thing that comes around once in a great long while. I'm not taking it for granted.

Other thoughts:
  • If it seems like we spend a lot of time discussing the Patriots around here, it's because there are only three relevant teams in the NFL right now. There are the Pats and Colts, and then there is Dallas, who is only relevant because they will be playing in the Super Bowl. We fully recognize, and have said for weeks, that this season will be about the Colts/Pats game in January. I haven't thought Pittsburgh was very good all year (do they have an impressive win?). I think the Jags secondary is far too weak to slow the Pats (unless the weather is bad). Of course we talk about the Pats-do you think we are supposed to take the Ravens, Raiders and Texans seriously?
  • I know everyone thinks the sky is falling on the special teams, but here's the point I've been making all year: if the 2006 team could overcome the HORRIBLE game the special teams played against the Pats AND a game opening kickoff return against the Bears, what are the odds that they'll play worse than that? We've already won the games that the special teams should have lost for us. Yeah, Rocky Boiman's inability to STAY HOME AND NOT OVERPURSUE is driving me nuts, but I just don't think they'll cost us.
  • Mark Schlereth of ESPN discounted the Colts' game against the Pats because they had Dwight Freeney healthy, but won't have him in the rematch. But they also DIDN'T have Harrison, Ugoh, Keiaho, Hagler, and AG (for half the game-and he was hurt when he did play). I love Freeney, but I'd take those 5 over just him any day.
  • If you had told me 6 months ago that 13 weeks in, the Colts would have lost two games by 6 total points, and in those two games they would have dropped 3 touchdown passes and missed 3 field goals, I'd feel pretty good about things. And guess what? I feel pretty good about things. NE fans can call us jealous, but honestly, I would rather be 11-2 than 13-0 right now, and I'd rather play NE outside in the elements than in the dome. We've done the undefeated thing, and it's exhausting. I'm pretty pleased with where this team is sitting.
  • Manning is having a huge year. He gaveth and tooketh away during the San Diego game, but other than that he has been tremendous. He has gotten hit more this year than any in recent memory, but has kept this team pointed in the right direction. The last two games (against teams that can play the run) have been vintage. Doesn't it feel weird that he already passed Elway in TD passes? How is that possible?


Anonymous said...

You have to check out this article on 18 in Pro Football Weekly.

The quotes are incredible. Here's one to get you started --

“Words can’t even describe what Peyton Manning is,” says Patriots LB Junior Seau, who in his 18th NFL season, has faced the likes of John Elway, Dan Marino, Steve Young, Troy Aikman and Jim Kelly. “I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this. What he’s been able to do in terms of just controlling his offense and making calls and adjustments on the run is just amazing. … I don’t know if he’s even scratched the surface yet, and that’s the scary part.”


DZ said...

can you repost that link...I couldn't get it to work.

Bob M. said...

Stan, when was this?

Bob M. said...

Try this:

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Bob M. said...

truncated mine too!

cut and paste and add the two URL lines and you get the article.

John said...

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HeatherRadish said...

I take the Texans seriously...Sage Rosenfels hasn't lost a start yet.

HeatherRadish said...

...the AP is being suspiciously kind.

By winning just one of its final three regular-season games, Indy will become the first team in league history with five straight 12-win seasons - something even the perfect Patriots can't claim.

(I hope the HTML works, because I'm still embarrassed by my last attempt)

Dave said...

"I haven't thought Pittsburgh was very good all year (do they have an impressive win?)."

Remember 2005...November 28th...Pittsburgh loses to the 12-0 Indy Colts 26-7.
7-5 on Dec 4th, coming off of three straight losses. Not an impressive win ALL year. Not looking good.
The rest is history.

2006 Colts Defense = Bad
2006 Colts Defense = no Bob Sanders

2007 Steelers Defense = abused (and looking quite vulnerable, ok bad)
2007 Steelers Defense = no Troy Polamalu
It's pretty crappy to be so shallow that the entire D stinks when one player is missing...but it appears to be true.

No excuses, the Steelers blew yesterday, but the season is far from over. And I refuse to crown a champion in December.

Mosi said...

Dave -

The league's stingiest Defense doesn't hinge on one player - come on man? The fact Palamalu was absent was a factor yes. But when the supposed NFL's top ranked d has a total of exactly ONE sack, INT & forced fumble combined, it's safe to say they got worked. Stop w excuses, the players lost it but Dick LeBaeu should share a majority of the blame. It's simple, he was ill prepared for 26 straight throws. But then again, no team would be I suppose..

Honestly, I was more impressed with what the Pats D did against Big Ben and co. then the O against the Steel D. Full disclosure - one good game on the defensive side of the ball and solid tackling not maketh a season. I'm still very concerned about how Seymour gets blown off the ball and Seau and Bruschi getting man handled by pulling guards and FBs. How did Bruschi have 8 tackles anyway?


Demond Sanders said...

I had very similar thoughts, Dave. There is no reason to rush to judgment, but they did just beat Miami 3-0. Still after '05 the Colts and/or Pats will be on guard against them in the playoffs.

Dave said...

I'm not saying the Steelers will win the SB. I'm also not saying that with Polamalu the Steelers would have won. In fact I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have...they were under prepared and flat out beaten. Stinking Anthony Smith is a poor man's Joey Porter/Chad Scott. Selfish, Talks too much, can't cover ANYONE, and made the biggest game of the season about himself. But, if you set him up he will knock you into next week.

All that said, my point is/was, I'm also not ready to jump of the 6th Street bridge into the Allegheny River.

These are the kind of games, though, that signal the beginning of the end or light a fire that is quite frightening. We'll see which is true on Sunday.

Enough of the Steelers, I'll go find myself a Steelers blog to wallow in and let the Colts blog alone. Thanks for putting up with my thoughts.

DZ said...

Dave, those are all fair points. My questions about Pittsburgh stem from the games I've seen, which is about 5 or 6. I watched the Cleveland game, and was just utterly underwhelmed. That's all.

Bob M. said...

Damn, that Dave is a reasonable gentleman. I like fans like that whatever their allegiance. And we've all seen the other side of that coin....

Dave said... last post.

DZ - did you watch the whole Cleveland game or just Cleveland's 1st drive. The Brown's had one good/very good drive and after that it was ALL Pittsburgh.

Now there were some mistakes, Roethlisberger threw a very bad pick setting up the Brownies inside the red zone and of course (and I'm sure you can relate) poor special teams play resulted in the Browns starting on the 3 yd line and with a Return TD by Cribbs. excuse.

BUT to say you were underwhelmed watching the rest of that game...I'd say the Browns were completely OVERWHELMED and very fortunate to even have a sniff of that game. Seriously, if the kickoff that Cribbs returned for a TD had rolled 6 more inches (which I'm sure he was praying for) he would have gladly downed it and taken the touchback. He WANTED to do that as he waited and waited for it to roll. But, he had to pick it up and run or his life.

The stats tell the story of the rest of the game: Total Yards-401 to 163, Pass Yds-242 to 123, Rush Yds-159 to 40, Time of possession-38:17 to 21:43. (hint the larger number in each case belongs to the Steelers) Oh and besides the 1st and last drives of the game Cleveland got exactly 2 first downs (one was on a Pittsburgh penalty).

I get a little fired up when anyone tries to give the Browns any bit of credit over the Steelers. I think I proved my point.

I'll cut you some slack though, that whole day is a little jaded for you coming off the NE loss and then having Peyton throw 6 picks that night.

DZ said...

I watched the whole game. Cleveland looked horrible, and Pittsburgh was better, but so what? They are better than Cleveland, a team that has been outscored on the season. I'm just saying they haven't impressed me. I haven't seen one Pittsburgh game where I thought, hey these guys are really good. Which game should I have watched?

DZ said...

I watched the whole game. Cleveland looked horrible, and Pittsburgh was better, but so what? They are better than Cleveland, a team that has been outscored on the season. I'm just saying they haven't impressed me. I haven't seen one Pittsburgh game where I thought, hey these guys are really good. Which game should I have watched?

Norm said...

It amazes me how Colt fans say that missing Freeney won't affect the Pats/Colts next meeting. Did you watch the first game? The attention the Pats showed him opened it up for all of the other linemen. I guess if B Sanders goes down, you won't miss a beat huh?

Deshawn Zombie said...

I haven't heard anybody say that we won't miss Freeney. It's a devestating loss. We do however recognize that in that game where we DID have Freeney, we didn't have FIVE other players who will probably play in the rematch. It's just a question of is the loss of Freeney offset by the gains of Harrison, Gonzalez, Ugoh, Hagler, Keiaho, and Dallas Clark playing without a concussion. That's why Colts fans aren't too worried. I think we'll miss Freeney horribly, but I think we'll be way better in other areas of the game (especially pass protection which was non existent for most of the game).