Sunday, December 9, 2007

The battle for perfection

  • Tom Brady is a trash talking punk. He immediately got up in his opponents' faces after throwing a touchdown in the first quarter. Peyton Manning would never do that. Actually very few NFL quarterbacks would do that.
  • This has game of the year written all over it. Pittsburgh isn't doing the one thing you have to do to hang with New England. Cover NFL MVP Randy Moss. Just cover him.
  • Luckily for Pittsburgh, the Pats' D is fairly wretched.
  • Unlucky break goes against the Steelers on the shanked punt. Pats recover.
  • New England looks inept running the football. That Sammy Morris injury was quietly huge.
  • Jacked field goal for New England balances out the turnover. Pitts D seems to have its sea legs now.
  • Yes, I realize this is third unofficial game of the year.
  • Pittsburgh converts on fourth and 1. Three plays later they face another fourth and 1. Another conversion. Drive stalls. Field goal.
  • New England leads 17-13 at the half. Pittsburgh has looked average on defense, despite the fact that they are the NFL's stingiest club. It clearly requires 30+ points to beat New England. I'm not sure the Steelers have that kind of firepower.
  • The Patriots bust the game wide open with a trick play. Brady to Moss back to Brady. Brady throws a lame duck, but the receiver is so wide open that it doesn't matter. Kudos to the Patriots for trying something different. Looks like they're headed to 13-0.
  • Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are turning in an embarrassing performance. Fortunately for them the Steelers have been even worse. The lost to the Jets appears to be legit. They aren't any good. They have forced exactly zero turnovers. The Patriots are going to Welker every single time because Pittsburgh is blitzing every single time.
  • The Steelers weren't able to cash in some early opportunities in this one. Very similar to the Colts struggles in the first half against the Patriots. Enjoy getting drilled by Jacksonville next week boys.


Anonymous said...

Pittsbugh looks positively terrible. Brady is getting excellent protection, and they just keep throwing.

Anonymous said...

13-0. Suck on it, you jealous losers.

Anonymous said...

The Patriots are headed for a very tough road to the playoffs. It's a shame they didn't play the Jags, otherwise it would be the rest of the AFC going for a chance at revenge. Don't believe me?

Pats have beaten Indy, Pitt, San Diego, and Cleveland. Unless everyone is is completely inept, someone is going to get a shot at them.

Anonymous said...

"The Patriots are headed for a very tough road to the playoffs."
Opponents will have to beat the Pats at home, in the playoffs, when the Pats always step it up a notch. And this team is better than all of the previous Patriots championship teams.

Demond Sanders said...

The Patriots of years past never relied on just one player. If Randy Moss has an off game next month they could go down in flames. We'll see.

Mosi said...

I love it, not only ESPN News has a Patriots Battle for Perfection ticker along the bottom of the screen, now a Colts fan site blogs live on another Pats win. This is AWESOME. Keep it up fellas.

Love Phil Simms' comment about Anthony Smith being made a fool by Brady and Moss and Welker. That was even better than watching Brady slice and dice the NFL's #1 defense.

You Colts fans still looking forward to coming to Foxboro in January?

Anonymous said...

"The Patriots of years past never relied on just one player."
And The Patriots of 2007 aren't relying on just one player. They still spread it out, and often use Moss as a decoy. Did you not pay attention to Wes Welker in the 4th quarter? Or what about Jabar Gaffney? This team doesn't need Moss, frankly. He's just icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

"Tom Brady is a trash talking punk. He immediately got up in his opponents' faces after throwing a touchdown in the first quarter."
Um, did you not read about the trash talking Anthony Smith was doing all week? That was what Brady was addressing. The Patriots, unlike other teams in the league, don't talk until they've earned the right to do so.

Jeremy Cohen (JC) 401-524-1674 said...

This is for bob, colts girl, demond, DZ (whose name is quite fitting as his blog reads like a zombie walks) and all you other hater-ass clowns.

Did you guys hear that? That loud bang?

That was us hitting our December groove. Feel free to panic now.

That WAS the #1 defense in the NFL right? Wasn't it?

And Demond: One player? Go read the whole offenses stat line pal.

Like the site that owns you says, Cold Hard Football Facts.

Oh...and bonus. He'll throw at LEAST 7 TD's against that fat rat Mangini to break Jethro's record.

Manning would never get in someone's face because he has no balls or spinal cord. He's soft and weak and would get punked off quick.

- JC

Joel said...

Jeremy Cohen...

This WAS the team that you had to get a retarded timeout by the defensive coordinator on 4th and 1 to luck a win out against, right? That team we ran 37 points up on in the 1st half?

Keep being cocky. I wouldn't expect anything else from you, given the classlessness of your team. I have four letters for you: 2004. Colts went 13-0 just three years ago. You ain't done crap yet.

By the way, why are you spending so much time on a Colts fan blog? Kind of speaks of a quiet desperation. I went to college with these guys, and I root for the team this blog is about. I have an excuse. I don't know what your problem is. Maybe you're just really that why you posted your phone number? I couldn't figure that one out.

No one around here's panicking. Even if the media has completely forgotten about it, we still remember that the Colts are one blown coverage and one missed Vinatieri FG from being the overhyped 13-0 team right now. Keep thinking the Pats have done something though, and keep on pumping up that overconfidence. It'll make it that much more hilarious when it all comes crashing down in January.

Joel said...

And yes, I know 2, 0, 0, and 4 are NUMBERS, not LETTERS, before some bonehead says something about it.

JC said...

I got linked to it by a much better site where I spend most of my web-based time.

Yea I remember 2004, we won the bowl.

And this year....we beat you in your house. You got an excuse for that one?

I'm not cocky I'm responding to everything that was said on this site all week about my team. Yea, my team.

Which pretty much answers your question.

Demond Sanders said...

The Patriots don't need Moss? Go back to your meth lab. I guess we'll find out soon because he is a free agent.

And yes, I'm very much looking forward to watching the Colts shell your team in January. It's going to be funny stuff boys.

DZ said...

Hee hee. Pats fans are hilarious. And yes, we are still very excited about going to F-town. That is unless, the Jags kick your ass first.

DZ said...

Thanks to tonight's performance we are enforcing a new comment rule. All pro-Pats comments have to carry some form of identification for the author. The regular hecklers are morons, but welcome becuase they show up all the time and read. I don't have the energy to deal with front running lurkers who don't show up the last couple of weeks, but after one big Pats win are here to drukenly type crap. JC, Mossi, et al are fine. But starting now, all anonymous posts will be deleted. You don't have to sign in, but you do have sign your name at the end of the post. It's just too boring any other way.

Joel said...


I meant 2005. The year we went 13-0. I'm retarded. Not as retarded as you, thinking your team would be anywhere close to as good as it is without Moss though. You'd be fighting for the 4th best record in the AFC right now if he was still in Oakland. I guess we'll see next year, when he signs with some other team. Although you'll probably end up with Darren McFadden, so that'll help. Friggin' 49ers.

Bob M. said...

Excellent point and good way to show the world that Colt fans have perspective, when you wrote "we'd be the overhyped 13-0 team." Almost by definition in today's 24-hour media world, even a team that deserves a 13-0 reeecord will be over-hyped.

The sad thing is (and this is probably an inferiority complex holdover from being Red Sox fans) Pats fans often act like they've never been there before. Many lack any semblance of perspective. Unlike their team, which generally does take a one-game-at-a-time approach.

I don't think there's a Colt fan on the planet who is worried about heading in to Foxboro(ugh) in the playoffs. Hey, that's kinda funny--now I know why they renamed it. Somebody said "Oh Foxboro... ugh!" They just ran it together to respell the name.

Personally, I am concerned that Freeney's absense will not allow us to put the needed pressure on Brady, or give Matt Light a chance to practice his holding and leg-whips. But as the Colt O gets healthier, we have to rely less on FGs--which really would have sealed the deal when we played a month ago. After all, the pats in 2007 are NOT the Ravens in 2006.

Right now, it looks like a 42-38 barn-burner, and frankly, the Colt D looks better than the Pats D. Special teams are also an "issue" (in much the same way that a rabid porcupine in my underwear would be an issue).

Anonymous said...

3 comments were deleted per the rules I stated earlier. Pats fans, if you have something to say, put a name to it. Otherwise, shut up. You don't have to sign in, just put a tag on the end, like this-

Mosi said...

SOlid, solid win by the Colts. Dominating. Defense looked NASTY causing turnovers. And Peyton was flawless.

I was at M&T Bank stadium for the Monday night game last week and it was insanely hostile. The Colts got it done from the first snap to shut that crowd up. Looks like 50,000 fans left at half didn't it?

Nice Win. I hope the Raiders players are wearing diapers come Sunday..


colts girl said...

Thought I should respond here since I was included in the delusional rant here by jc...

Dude, get a life. I'm not trolling F-Pats sites to heckle F-Pats fans (and though DZ and Demond give us plenty of humorous reading materials about other teams, I'm not posting trash on those sites). And as far as I know, neither are any of the other regular Colts-fan contributors here.

Yes, one player. Without Moss, you wouldn't have many of the big (or small, for that matter) plays, even the ones where Moss seemingly wasn't involved. See, when other teams are putting a lot of effort in covering Moss, they're leaving other players undefended. When they don't put effort into covering Moss, Moss is the one with the big plays. Without Moss, neither of those types of plays are happening. That's the beauty of a player like Moss. Duh.

Not getting in someone's face is a sign of certain confidence mixed with classiness. Not fear. Getting in someone's face is like saying, "I need to try to intimidate you because I'm just not up to doing it based on my playing alone."

What Joel meant (and you totally missed the point of) was that we went 13-0, but we didn't win the SB. 13-0 means little other than overhyping.

Yeah, I'm still really looking forward to January in Foxboro(ugh). Just because you haven't been beaten doesn't mean that you haven't proven themselves beatable. I still think it would be great if you went undefeated until we beat you. I want both teams to be healthy and at full strength so that there can be no whining about injuries as a factor. It'll be a great game. And of course, I expect my team to come out as the victors and your team to head to the locker room with tails tucked.

Have a great day. Come back when you have something relevant to say.

Bryan said...

I AM A PATRIOTS FAN AND MY NAME IS BRYAN. See? Up there. That's my name.

I have no problem with the Brady trash-talking, actually, I love it (of course I do). But I think the talk that stays in between the lines is fine. I like players getting fired up, as long as they don't do stupid things (Rodney, I'm looking in your direction...).

Manning is, uh, pretty good. Bob Sanders is hilarious(ly good). Did the Ravens think it was another Monday night game?

Jazzbo said...

"The Patriots don't need Moss? Go back to your meth lab."
Yeah, it's a good thing Brady had Moss to throw to in 2001, 2003 and 2004. Otherwise, the Patriots wouldn't have won all those Super Bowls.

DZ said...

in 2001, 03, and 04 the Pats actually had a great defense. This year they have an AARP meeting masquerading as a linebacking corp.

TZ said...

Yeah, and those "old men" put a beat down on Pittsburgh. Nice try, though.

DZ said...

Yeah, they did. They also beat down Philly and Balt-oh wait... If Moss has a bad game in the playoffs, the Pats will lose. I believe that is the point that several have been trying to make. It's good thing he has a long and distinguished career of being clutch...oh wait...

TZ said...

Yes, they did beat down Philly and Baltimore. All that matters is the final score.
Brady has other receivers to choose from. If it's not Moss, he's got Welker, Stallworth and Gafney. Christ, he can score touchdowns throwing to Mike Vrabel! Did you not pay attention to the offensive stats during the Pittsburgh game?
The Pats were the Superbowl favorites before Moss came to the team, and they'll be the Superbowl favorites after he leaves. And anyway, what's your point? We can play the "They're good but if they didn't have XYZ they couldn't win" game all day with every team. They DO have Moss and he'll be just fine come the playoffs. He's finally got a great quarterback behind him.
It's funny how everyone has changed their tune about Moss. When he came to the Patriots he was labeled as a cocky, washed-up, over-the-hill prima donna with an attitude problem. His best days were behind him and he was going to be a cancer on the team, remember? Well, his attitude has been exemplary, he's been lauded as a great teammate and now you're all talking like he's the most feared receiver in the league. I love it.

Demond Sanders said...

That's exactly the point. Moss is still a peice of crap. It doesn't change who he is just becuase things are going his way at the moment. Moss is a lot like T.O. this season. Everything is fine and rosey for them now, but just wait until the adversity hits. Wait, that's too vague, what I meant to say was wait until January 20th.

TZ said...

"That's exactly the point."
What's exactly the point?

"Everything is fine and rosey for them now, but just wait until the adversity hits. Wait, that's too vague, what I meant to say was wait until January 20th."
Are you "guaranteeing" that?

DZ said...

Point is, that anyone can be a good guy when things are good. The fact that Moss is not being an ass now is irrelevant. The question is what kind of guy will he be when he gets held to 2 catches and the Pats are down 21 in the fourth quarter in the snow. Then you'll see what a lame quitter he is. It's going to be beautful.

Demond Sanders said...

My only guarantee: If the Colts lose there will be a hundred Pats fans on here running their mouths. If the Colts win we won't hear from you for a year. Write it down.

TZ said...

... and wait until Manning throws three interceptions against the Pats (if the Colts don't get knocked off before then, of course), and then he goes into his little patented pout.
... or when Manning gets decked against Oakland this week and is hobbled for the rest of the season.
... or when Marvin Harrison finally returns only to be ineffective as a receiver.
Again, we can play this game all day, making wild predictions based on nothing. It doesn't mean it's going to happen.
The Patriots are a deep team, built to withstand adversity better than any other in the NFL. They'll be just fine and dandy in January — and hungry and absolutely determined to win.

"My only guarantee: If the Colts lose there will be a hundred Pats fans on here running their mouths. If the Colts win we won't hear from you for a year. Write it down."
I guess you're assuming the Colts will be playing the Pats in January. Boy, you Indy fans sure are cocky!
But if they do play the Pats, here's my own guarantee: A hundred Pats fans will be here after the final whistle running their mouths.

TZ said...

On a more sincere note, I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. My condolences. Sounds like he was quite a guy.

DZ said...

Thanks. He was.

TZ said...

Um, Moss wasn't a factor because of the weather yet the Patriots still won. So I guess all this talk about the Patriots not being any good without Moss was a lot of bunk, huh?