Sunday, December 30, 2007

Congrats on #50 Tom Brady!!!

And it only took you 76 more throws than Peyton Manning to throw that 50th touchdown.

Not to mention an extra game. See you in three weeks.

(Also, your Running Back is horrible.)


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget almost two more games. Also, let's not forget that the Pats essentially eschewed the run in favor of the pass.

To recap:

It took Tom Brady 76 more throws, two more games, a lot of throwing in the fourth quarter up by multiple TDs, and an offense that has pretty much abandoned the run. Oh yes, let's not forget the worst division in professional football, and a lot of help from the Refs.

This is what we call a Pyhrric victory. Not only did you prove how truly amazing Manning's '04 season was, you proved that with a similar supporting cast, maybe even a better one, you took 2 more full games to beat him by ONE TD.

Manning's '04 season is still the best one ever posted by a starting QB in the NFL. But his '07 season might top it, if not in terms of numbers then in him single-handedly willing a corps of JV recievers to a 14-2/13-3 record and his second consecutive Super Bowl.

Bob M. said...

I second that.

Oh hell, how can I stand by silently... do you recall all those years when Pats fans pointed out that Brady was better because he "spread the ball around" and didn't have one go-to guy like Marvin? Stop laughing, okay, I can see you remember those statements.

So we write that down on a nice clear sheet of acetate and overlay Brady's 50 TD season in which 46% of his TD passes went to this Moss guy, and overlay Manning's 49 TD season in which three receivers went over 1,000 yards and 10 TDs.

Not sure if there's a point there, but I love hearing Boston fans do 180s in the snow and crack up on the guard rail trying to dodge things they used to believe.

And Anonymous, let's not forget that at the end of 04, Manning sat down--he didn't just sit out 8 quarters, but he purposely did not hammer more nails in the coffin of 48 "just to do it." How many more could he have had? Maybe 8? More? And Brady was trying for 60 minutes in almost every game to get the record, as if it was the most important thing in the world. Especially at the end of the season. Manning's last 2 starts in 04: 2 TDs. Brady's last 2 starts: 5 TDs. I don't blame him; if you are in a situation to make history, you make it. But it is not an apples:apples comparison.

All the more glory for the next team to take them down. Pretty sure that team will wear either a meowing cat or a horseshoe on their hats.

PatsRule said...

Ha ha! How lame. Looking for anything to invalidate Brady's record, aren't you?
OK, I'll try one one: Peyton got to play half his games inside a windless, precipitation-less dome. Brady played most of his games in real football stadiums, battling the elements.
Nice try, though.
The queen is dead! Love live the king!

HeatherRadish said...

My best friend noted that He took off his jersey after The Throw to save it for later, presumably to sell for child support in a few years.

I was just grateful he put a shirt back on. *gag*

Even my stupid F-Pats-loving boyfriend thought they were pretty classless tonight. As they've been all season; why stop now?

Shake'n'bake said...

52 extra passes to tie the record. It doesn't invalidate the record that Brady needed more attempts, the record is his and no one can argue that he didn't throw the most TDs in NFL history. Where the attempts comes in is in comparing Brady's season to others (2004 Manning's because few other seasons compare statistically).

49 TDs in 497 attempts vs 50 in 578 attempts.

Who threw more TDs? Brady, obviously.

Who had the better season? I'd say Manning. A TD on average every 10 attempts for Manning compared to 11.5 for Brady. Almost a yard more per attempt (.9). 1.6 more yards per completion.

If Manning had the number of attempts Brady had this season (not much of a stretch because Manning was pulled earlier and more often from blowouts)...

04 Manning with 578 attempts

57 TDs, 5317.6 yards, 11.6 INTs

04 Manning with 526 attempts (Manning takes all of Sorgi's 04 snaps)

51.9 TDs, 4822.9 yards, 10.6 INTs

2 more TDs, 17 more yards and 2.6 more INTs.

Manning could have crushed the TD (and passing yards) record if he played as late into blowouts and the season as Brady did.

Peyton sucks Eli said...

gotta love calling a season which ended in an all-time choke job and also featured 3 other losses (not counting week 17) the "best ever by a starting QB"

Not to mention playing with perfect weather all season with the only cold weather game being a trip to Chicago in November.

Peyton is out of the record books, get over it, and when the Pats finish 19-0, everyone will remember Tom Brady as having the best season by a QB ever for the best team ever.

Peyton will go down in history as a distant second to Tom Brady.

Deshawn Zombie said...

You apparently don't remember the 04 Colts. Losses aren't always the QBs fault. But as a Pats fan, I wouldn't expect you to realize that.

Brady's record is totally valid, it's just not that impressive given the context.

Stan said...

Last night gave us the perfect metaphor for the NE Pats and why everyone hates them -- the attempt to jab Jacobs in the eye.

Whether its blatant cheating, or pushing the rules beyond the limit, the Patriots' attitude toward the rest of the NFL during the Belichick era is just one long cheapshot, finger in the eye.

Stan said...

You can't argue that the record is now Brady's. The stat is the stat. What is obvious however, is that the clowns saying it was the greatest season ever by a QB are hopelessly stupid or pathetically ignorant.

Give Tom Brady his due. This year, he has demonstrated that he is every bit as good as Kurt Warner and D. Culpepper when it comes to throwing to wide open receivers behind the best pass protection in the league. Or throwing up jump balls to Randy Moss.

If Brady continues on his current pace over the next few seasons, he might actually move ahead of Kurt Warner on the list of career greats at the QB position (maybe even into the top 25!).

Demond Sanders said...

Good points everyone. Of course the record is his, and I offered congratulations. I am merely saying that he had 76 more attempts and threw one more touchdown pass.

I'm no Einstein, but that is 15% more pass attempts to throw 2% more touchdowns. Pretty funny given that everyone pretty much handed him the record 10 weeks ago. Manning played 3 snaps in his 16th game and then rested.

I pointed out to DZ last night that 23 of Randy Moss's 98 receptions were touchdowns. 23% of the time he makes a catch it is a score. That's about twice the league average. He is the real story of the 2007 season so far.

There was a two play sequence last night that illustrated the Patriots entire season. 2nd and 10, Brady throws deep to a wide open Moss (defenders trip and fall while covering Moss more than any other reciever in history). Brady badly underthrows Moss. 3rd and 10 Brady throws deep and puts more on it, hitting a wide open Moss. This time the defender isn't even in the picture.

Also Wes Welker is always wide open as a result of Moss. He had 110 catches and only managed 8 touchdowns. In 2004 Manning had three receivers catch 10 or more touchdowns, Brady had just Moss. He is their whole team.

Anonymous said...

Brady would only have 27 TDs minus Moss. Sure, if you did the same to Manning, he'd only have

Shake'n'bake said...

I took a look at how Moss affects QB performances.

Shake'n'bake said...

It's cutting of the end of the link. Tack a "t.html" on the end

Mosi said...

Geez guys (and gals), I know it makes for great drama arguing who had the better season and all but let's calm down a bit. Manning's '04 season was UNBELIEVABLE.

Clearly the Colts and Pats are the brass of the league and now the real season begins. It would be a shame if either team loses out before the AFC Championship but I don't think anyone expects that. Even the most disillusioned and fanatical Bradilichick-hating Colts fan.

Demond makes an excellent point about Randy and his huge percentage of catches equaling TDs. That is an under covered storyline. Goes to show how dominant a WR he is even in his advanced age. It's awesome about how every pundit and fan (including me) and this blog bag when he signed how wrong we all were.

Like to point outs anon's astute comment of Manning having a glorious '07 season despite only having one Pro Bowl WR. True, true. Let me remind anon that prior to this season, Brady had ZERO game changing WRs like Wayne, Moss or Harrison and he still managed to win 3 superbowls. Now that's impressive. Let's see if #18 can get it done..

And, yes, the pass protection this year has been ridiculous. Anyone catch Logan Mankins man handle #91(?) and clean up Strahan? Brady should be buying all these guys a few oversized vehicles as a thank you.

Good luck.

And by the way - guys, this is an EXCELLENT blog and enjoy reading and commenting. Even the hysterical Colts and Pats comments are... well, shall we say entertaining.


Demond Sanders said...

Previous comment has been deleted per our rule: All pro-Pats comments must be attached to a name.

PatsRule said...

"Brady would only have 27 TDs minus Moss..."
How do you figure that, Sherlock? So if Moss was gone, he wouldn't be throwing to anyone else?
Honestly, I couldn't care less who the better quarterback is — the Superbowl's the thing. However, Colts fans have been saying for the past 5-6 years that Manning's the better QB. Their evidence? Just look at his numbers, they said. Well, now Brady has better numbers, and Colts fans are changing their argumentL "The numbers are misleading!"
And Brady had more pass attempts? So what? Manning can throw the ball more if he'd like. Perhaps Brady throws the ball more because he's more confident that his passes will be caught. How is that a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

What about the most important one, the super bowl championships to season played record. I think Brady won that one.