Friday, December 28, 2007

Bob Sanders signs 5 year deal

ESPN is reporting that Bob "The Zombie" Sanders has signed a five-year, 37.5 million dollar deal to stay with the Indianapolis Colts. Great news for just about everybody with the possible exception of Dallas Clark. This deal makes Sanders the highest paid safety in the NFL. The early word is Sanders plans on celebrating the contract by popping open Larry Maroney's skull and eating his brain.

You thought that was good news? Try this. That's right. #88 is set to play on Sunday. He practiced for two consecutive days for the first time in recent memory. January is only 3 days away!

Here's another nice link: FO's all rookie team. They point out some facts about Tony Ugoh that we've been screaming about all season. I love when that happens.

DZ Comments: It's a red letter day! This is all great, if not totally unexpected news. I think, and I'm not sure on this, that because they signed Bob before the end of the season, that they can prorate his contract over this year too, and use the cap space created when Simon was cut to help offset the bonus. I'm going to check on that, but I think that's how it works.


Bob M. said...

Congrats to us all. Great line about Maroney's skull.
Also, not bad news for Clark; I fully expect a long-term deal to be worked out before next season, even if he is franchised at a fairly low number right away ($4M +/-)

JC said...

Yea hilarious about Maroney's skull. That was some advanced material.

Jim Leyritz killed someone in an alleged DUI.

I've been waiting for something horrible to happen to him since he homered off Mark Wholers in Game 4 of the '96 Series and changed the course of history forever (to steal DZ's line from 88 Reasons We Cry Like Women).

Congratulations on Bob Sanders, even though he has to play 30 yards deep against us as opposed to the 2006 in-the-box version.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Yeah it's great that against you guys he can actually play saftey since he doesn't have to respect Marooney and your 'run' game.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many fans of other fans felt like this Denver fan.

zac said...

JC- speaking of advanced material, well done with your Leyritz remarks. That guy needs to be knocked down another peg, and you are just the guy to do it. Well done, great stuff.

Bob M. said...

Bitter Boston fans, always living in the shadow of the Yankees even after 2 WS in three years.

Pa-freakin'-thetic. 12 years of bile stored up for a role player! JC, you seem to have some common sense, so if your life is dominated by this crushing inferiority complex, you really should seek help. Seriously. I'm telling you, run your schadenfreude-filled Leyritz comments by a shrink and see what he says. Pick someone who cheers for an NL team to make sure you get an honest answer.

A role player.... I wonder what kind of celebration you will have when Paul O'Neill trips down the stairs at his 65th b'day party and breaks a hip, or when Derek Jeter breaks a leg skiing in his 50's. You got the champagne on ice for that yet?

Bob M. said...

Wow, am I reading this wrong, or does Tom "Mrs. Brady" Curran actually say that the 2006 Colts can't hold a candle to the 2007 Pats offensively?

I think he should do some candle shopping, candle research, maybe take a candle-making class to figure this out. Because he's wrong.

This one is pretty good too: His argument that a whole-team accomplishment is what makes a player worth of Canton. So he'd vote out Dan Fouts and Marino as less worthy than, say, Trent Dilfer. And he uses the word "stupid" to label those who favor talent over strong teams. Whatever. Why do jerks like this get a national stage?

I also like Tom "one game at a time" Brady saying that a 16-1 season would be a failure. Um, Tom, it's possible you go 15-1 in the regular season and then win your first playoff game and still have a chance to go all the way. But you're assuming the Giants are already in the bag and the one loss is to the Jags. What happened to your lying mantra about one game at a time? Take more math classes; they'll help when you count your illegitimate offspring in 20 years.

Anonymous said...

(Note -- Curran is saying that the 06 Pats can't hold a candle offensively to the 07 Pats.)

But the larger point is that he ignores the fact that the Pats didn't deserve to be in the AFC title game at all. Just as this year's NE team needed some incredible luck from the injury bug to beat Indy. He takes for granted all the lucky breaks that NE got and speculates on how much better they would be, if only they had been even luckier.

Here's a clue for Curran -- the Pats are just a few plays away from having zero Super Bowls. Starting with the infamous fumble in the snow, they have been the luckiest team in the NFL (and probably the biggest cheaters, as well).

And his slurp job on Brady isn't surprising. He's been working that one for many years.


Bob M. said...

Thanks for clarifying re the 06/07 Pats. That makes more sense. I guess I misread and was a little quick to get ticked. Understandable, of course, considering the source.

Regarding luck, hey, everybody gets it. I assume it evens out over the long haul.

Bob M. said...

Also Stan, regarding luck, the Colts have lost only 4 fumbles all season so far. Their high recovery rate concerns me. At some point, that trend will change. I just hope it's next season, in a game we're up by 35 already. Then we can afford to lose about six to appease the karmic gods.

Stan said...

I think the bad luck in the SD game was enough to even the score.