Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pacer Pride

With nothing real to talk about on the Colts front (what? you don't want to hear more Brady/Manning stuff? Lord knows I don't), let's give a shout out to the Blue and Gold. I plan on taking in Saturday night's game in person, and I'm excited about it. This team has become fun to watch and the tastefully named Mike Dunleavy has been way better than I think any of us could have guessed. 14-12 is nothing to jump up and down about, but the team seems to be playing better. They still lack the go to guy who can take the last shot, but hey, Reggie Miller isn't walking through that door anytime soon (I still miss him). After a lackluster defensive effort early last night, the Pacers showed that maybe they can play just a tad of D. It is worrisome to see the foul differential between the Pacers and their opponents. It says that they aren't very physical on the inside offensively. If the jump shots aren't falling, they struggle.

Kravitz threw down the gauntlet with them today, but it seems a tad misguided. He claims the team won't make the playoffs (or that he's not convinced they will), but the odds seem pretty good. John Hollinger's playoff odds page on ESPN likes the Pacers, and even says that if they played this season 1000 times, the Pacers would win the title...once.

It could be worse, we could still have Isiah as coach.


Bob M. said...

Manning's great! Brady's over-rated!
oops, wrong thread....

Dave said...

"tastefully named"...ha :)

Anonymous said...

here's something for you to write about -- stephen a. smith. wow. I caught his radio diary rant today on my way back from a business trip. he had rep. davis on the phone and found out that clemens was not going to be called to capitol hill.

stephen a. went absolutely bonkers. his co-host, mike massinello (sp?) even started calling him out on his "obsession". I'd highly encourage anyone to try to find a podcast of this afternoon's show if it's available. just for entertainment value.

and then I'd highly discourage anyone from ever having to listen to him again. what a drama queen. I couldn't change the station just b/c I couldn't believe he was taking it as far as he did.

and then he invented a word - "elecute" ! said something about davis went on to "elecute his point...". wow. sorry for the long post, but I figured if anyone could appreciate this, it would be the 18to88 audienc. how does this guy get paid to do what he does?

Ian said...

I was thinking about the Isiah years the other day and I remember this. We lost in the first round of the playoffs with a starting five of:

Jamaal Tinsley
Reggie Miller
Ron Artest
Jermaine O'Meal
Brad Miller

And Jeff Foster, Al Harrington coming off the bench.

JC said...

And it was us (Celtics) that won that series and we sucked.

Isiah is a mess.

Deshawn Zombie said...

That makes me want to cry. I miss living and dying with the Pacers.

Dave said... for the previous debate and crying by the Jags Freddy Taylor not making the PB...issue solved. Willie broke his leg.

Unless of course McGahee or Jamal Lewis get the spot ahead of Fred. That'd be funny.

Bob M. said...

RE: Freddie, Nah, they'll give him the lifetime achievement 10k award and let him in. I think Fargas should go. But what do I know?

Re: The word elecute, it's not really an invented word. Ella Fitzgerald's parents used to say it all the itme when she was a baby.

Sorry, it's late and I have a whole night's work ahead of me. OS I am making you suffer as a result.

I like Schilling's holier than thou outrage over Clemens. Now I can certainly see why he'd feel his career was diminished by a cheater who may have illegally stolen some of his glory, but next time I put red food coloring on my sock to enhance my rep, I'll be sure to give him a call for advice. Frauds come in all shapes and sizes.

jc said...

Bob - please tell me you know that was a false report?


Oh WAIT a second. You're a Yankee fan aren't you?

Now I get it.

Andy said...

I'm with Kravitz. They're 14-12 with Jamaal Tinsley and Mike Dunleavy both playing well. I just don't see those trends continuing for very long.

Especially since Tinsley still has to miss his obligatory 40 games to flu-like symptoms, or something.