Saturday, December 8, 2007

Eyes is Up

and the Pacers won. What a great night! Seriously though, how bizarre are the Pacers? Might they be good? They are .500, but beat Orlando and Dallas, and only lost to the Suns because they choked the game away. They went 3-1 out west, but then again, the loss was to the putrid Sonics. What gives? This team IS Jamal Tinsley. Is he good? I don't know, he'll throw down a triple double one night, and shoot 2 for 15 with 6 turnovers the next. It's like the team has become the corporate embodiment of his soul.

Meanwhile, Eyes in the Backfield for Game 13 is up. I know it seems like it's late in the season, but the Colts have (hopefully) 7 more games left. That's a lot of football left to be played. Here's the excerpt from today's column:

After a huge win at home to sweep the Jags, the Colts are rewarded with a tough trip to Baltimore on Sunday night. The Ravens are reeling from a stretch that saw them lose to the Steelers, Chargers and Pats. The Colts need this win to stay ahead of the Steelers for the two seed and put the final touches on their own personal sandbox, the AFC South. This week:

1. Watch for barking. Both the Ravens and Colts were accused of dog-like noises this week. The Ravens were accused of ‘woofing’ throughout the Patriots game, and the Colts D-line was hilarious accused of causing false starts by ‘barking’ at the Jaguars (despite the fact that the Jags used a silent count). One of these two teams will play like dogs.

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good piece on 87 on the front page of espn (for now):